Zoya Satins

 Disclaimer: Press sample. See bottom for more.


The Zoya Satins collection caught my eye in two places: Mason and Maria Luisa. And then, my eye caught Neve and Giovanna. And at that moment, I just knew that swatching these ladies was going to be a good time!

Know what I love about swatching, and why I do it with almost every polish I buy/sample? I get to put each polish on my fingers, just to test out how they apply, and ruminate over color and consistency.

And ruminating over the color of these polishes? Was heaven! How about I just get to the swatches?!


claudine 2

Claudine is described as a “meteorite” gray metallic polish. I think metal shades are the unsung heros of fall collections this year; we know blue, brick red and purple are hot, but I’ve seen silver, gold and gunmetal shades hitting the shelves for fall – Zoya, OPI and China Glaze all have their take on a silver/grey hue in their lineups. Two thumbs up for metal-hued metallics!


channing 2

Channing is described as a “rust red copper” metallic shade. This one is hot, you can see the subtle copper-red shifts in that second photo!


neve 2

Neve is described as a beautiful “sapphire blue” metallic – so true! This is so rich and stunning!


giovanna 2

Giovanna is described as a “lush emerald green” metallic. She has this glowy blue thing going on, I swear! This is beautiful update on the green polish. I would almost put it aside for a green-leaning Teal Toes pedi this September!


mason 2

Mason is a stand out in this collection, described as a “red violet ‘fandango pink'” metallic. It shifts from pink to reddish. I am in LOVE!!!! I don’t want to do anything to this but wear it by itself and stare at my fingers.

Maria Luisa:

maria luisa 7
maria luisa 8

Maria Luisa is a topper – she’s billed as a yellow gold cellophane polish and I love that description better than saying a glass fleck effect in a clear base. She looks like bits of Easter cellophane torn into itty bitty pieces! I decided to have some fun topping it not only on some of the Satins, but Cashmeres as well!

Over Sailor:

maria luisa 3
maria luisa 4

Over Hunter:

maria luisa
maria luisa 2

Over Mason:

maria luisa 6

Over Neve:

maria luisa 5

I’ll have to continue experimenting with Maria Luisa. I’ll probably be doing nail art ideas in the coming weeks with the Zoya fall offerings!

Overall, I really love the vibrancy in the Satins. They are metallics with edge – the subtle glowy shimmer that so many of them have – Mason’s pink/red, Giovanna’s green/blue – really make them stand out!

I had no issues in application with these, they are great – and they’re opaque in two coats, with the exception of Maria Luisa, which really is designed as a topper. The metallics did have some brush strokes that you can detect in my direct sunlight pictures, but sometimes I find top coat helps diminish that and it is not an issue for me with these pretties!

The collection retails for $48 in a pack, or individually for $8 a piece on the Zoya website.

I’m really happy with what Zoya offered for fall this year. I feel like I’m rarely disappointed by the color choices the brand makes, and overall, it’s shaping up to be a good season for my fingers!

What do you think of the Satins?! Does Mason jump out at you, too?! Which ones are calling your name and hurtin’ your wallet?! I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Disclaimer: The Zoya Satins collection was sent to me for review by the PR/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!