Aug 02 2013

Cosmoprof 2013: Color Club/Ruby Wing

ruby wing 3

A Ruby Wing lacquer in regular light, and after exposure to UV light on the right.

Forsythe, which owns the brands Color Club and Ruby Wing, was a favorite booth visit for me at Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas (July 14-16). I fell in LOVE with the Ruby Wing fall collection right there on the spot!!

Actually, both Color Club and Ruby Wing’s fall collections are out, so let’s start there!

Color Club’s fall collection, Girl About Town, is available on the brand’s website, with polishes retailing $8 a piece or $12 for a duo set:

color club
color club 2
color club 3

Ruby Wing launched Cupcakes & Champagne for fall, a scented, color-change six-piece collection available here on the brand site for $10 a piece There are some beautiful shredded glitters and duochromes in this collection! There are some bottle shots below. On the left is in the regular light, on the right is after UV exposure!

ruby win 4
ruby wing 2
ruby wing 4
ruby wing

Also, did you know that the Ruby Wing line now consists of 36 polishes? I need to have ALL THE POLISHES!

Color Club’s holiday collection, Harlem Lights, reminiscent of the Roaring 20s, comes out in September:

color club 4
color club 5

I didn’t see a holiday collection for Ruby Wing – yet!

Also for holiday, launching in October, Color Club is offering these four, pretty flakie polishes in a clear plastic container that has a bow shape at the top:

color club 7


Also coming from Color Club, in October, are some new nail art kits. Check out Foil Film Manicure. You get foil, glue and two polishes in one kit:

Color Club 6

color club 9
I love the new logo at the top left of the box, I’ll be curious to see if Color Club is rebranding!

Launching for holiday, in October, are Zodiac Nail Kits, which include a polish, rhinestones and a rhinestone picker-upper. I love the look of the green one!

color club 8
Also launching are Master Class kits. I thought I had pictures of these, but I checked my phone and camera and NADA.

Anyway, in October these Master Class kits will launch and are basically kits for the DIYer. A nail designer will give a tutorial on a certain, popular nail art tactic – for example, three are called “Gemology Class,” “Metal Class,” and “Geometry Class.” The kit will contain everything you need to achieve the nail look. Directions will be posted on the Color Club website at

Color Club and Ruby Wing have some beautiful stuff coming! What do you think? Are you excited for the color? Or maybe does the Zodiac Nail Kit pique your interest? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • jeileen

    Hi. just wondering where to buy ruby wing in vegas. im from philippines and i have a nail spa. been thinking of having them as my in house collection =) thanks a lot in advance =)

  • laura

    Thanks for closeups of the bottles. I am EXCITED for the Ruby Wing polishes. Will have to control myself and not get them alllll!

    • BeautyJudy

      Sure thing Laura! I’m so excited for the Ruby Wings, too!!! I’m in the same boat with you on control! LOL