Jun 18 2013

The Beauty Loser: June 18, 2013

Disclaimer: I pay for my Medifast program and food.


Me and Mike, Saturday night, on the Battleship New Jersey for an event.

It’s been awhile since I wrote an update in The Beauty Loser series!

That’s because for a month and a half or so, I have found myself struggling to lose the last bit of weight – which is less than 20 lbs.(targeting 140 to 145 lbs.) I’ve been focusing on that struggle internally, and if I’m honest, beating myself up over it inside while trying to remain upbeat and positive on the outside.

One of the snacks I can have on Medifast is nuts – almonds, cashews etc. – and I’ve been definitely overeating them. Like, a half a canister at a time. But I think part of me is finally happy with myself, where I am, even if I still FEEL like I have weight left to lose, and I’m enjoying it. I’m stuck in the high 150’s and my mind and body can’t get themselves together, cooperate, and finish the job. I think I’m eating those nuts because I’m comfortable.

Of course, it’s great to recognize this about yourself but I’m still struggling. I had to purchase additional weight loss weeks through Medifast in order to keep going, because the original plan I purchased took me onto the path of transition, and I wasn’t ready yet.

With all that said, I have been trying to take time and recognize the fact that I have still have come an amazing, long way. I was 220.2 lbs. at my heaviest in late 2011. I was headed into a size 20. This past weekend, I bought my first pair of size 8 capri jeans. SIZE 8!!! I’ve got small and medium tops, and mostly medium and size 10 dresses and pants. Trying on clothes this past weekend helped me feel a bit better, and let me revel in my accomplishments to date.

And I should celebrate that finally, exercise has fallen into place for me. I’m running again, and it feels awesome!


That’s me, still breathing heavy after a 3.65 mile race a week ago! My time was 42:06! I’m regularly running and doing strengthening exercises with a couple Jackie Warner videos and my hand weights on my non running days! When I went to renew my local running club membership, Mike told me to add him. So we joined as a family. We’re both planning to run a Firecracker 5K on Fourth of July!

One of the biggest struggles I have to overcome is the urge to eat those almonds or cashews in excess, and I have to be strong like I was for so many months when in the face of sweets and alcohol. I will add foods back in my diet, but right now I’m supposed to be in a fat-burning phase and I’m hurting that phase by eating outside the plan. So my pledge this week has been NO NUTS, NO ALCOHOL (well, for the rest of the week since I indulged this weekend…) and continue regular exercising.

I think I can do it!

Have you been trying to lose weight? Start a new workout routine? I’d love to hear how you’re doing!

  • da_kine85

    wow, you are truly amazing! congratulations on your success so far. don’t beat yourself up about losing the last few pounds. you are loved just the way you are. and you’ve accomplished so much, already. you have so much more self-control and will power than i do. i admire that.

  • Annie LaBruna-Fisher

    First, you are so inspiring. I love reading your updates and your honesty. You rock. You have completely and totally earned a size 8.

    Again, we are in the same place. Stuck in the high 150s for me; I fit into my goal jeans. I am comfortable and I am happy. However, I have a goal of 150 and I really need to buckle down and meet it. I also started running again, which is why I started eating more. And I admit I have an addiction to frozen yogurt–ya know those places where we can build our own frozen yogurt sundaes?

    So here’s the thing…you’re in a size 8. You’ve added strength training. Do you need to go by the scale anymore? What I mean is, why aren’t you ready to transition? Will you stop losing weight when you do?

    For me, my fear is that I will go to the next phase and gain everything back. I’m scared of myself. I went completely off my plan while traveling for work last week and now I feel like I can’t trust myself. And there is a certain comfort in my plan because it works…and going back into the real world without my “packets” scares me a little.

    I know you can meet your goal but is it possible that your goal might not be a number on a scale anymore? And maybe now it’s an inches/health/fitness goal? Just a thought. It’s something I’m toying with myself.

    • BeautyJudy

      Annie first – congrats! Second, I’m defintely feeling good but I’m working on getting rid of my gut! I will know when I’m ready to stop weight loss phase but then there’s something to what you said – I am nervous about life post Medifast food! We’ll have to chat offline! Xo

  • http://meganmoreandless.blogspot.com/ Megan

    Congratulations!!! That’s definitely a huge accomplishment no matter how you slice it. Losing weight and maintaining it is a tough thing to do. I admire your drive and determination. Keep up the great work! I started Medifast about 4 weeks ago and already have lost 20 lbs (side note – those nuts are WAY tempting. I totally understand, haha). I’ve got a long way to go until my goal, but seeing the results and learning more about food/my body are really helping to keep me motivated. I’ve recently started incorporating more exercise into my routine. I walk almost every day and I’ve also started doing interval running in the hopes of running my first 5K. It’s not something I ever did before, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m planning on getting back into swimming as well. 🙂

    • BeautyJudy

      Thank you SO much for sharing, Megan, and congrats on your weightloss to date and to come! So glad it’s working out for you too. I could not do this without the brownie and fat free Cool Whip, for sure lol!! Cheers and thanks again for sharing!