Quick and Dirty Blogging Tips: The Cheap-o Light box

I’m going to start doing a feature now and then on quick-and-dirty blogging tips that I’ve learned along the way. I hope you enjoy! And if there’s anything you’d like to ask and see featured, email me at beautyjudyblog@gmaill.com, or leave a comment on this post!

lightbox 2

See that?

That’s a bag that one of my Christmas presents came in!

You know what I did to it?

I cut one side off, and I made myself a contraption for photographing products and nail looks on a white, reflective surface, anytime, day or night!

AKA, I introduce to you my cheap-o light box!

lightbox 3
Its provides me with the white background I want for shooting products to capture their true color vs. photographing them on my cat’s blanket or on the concrete steps outside my house. Because honestly, who wants to see my cat’s hair embedded on my couch in a makeup shot?! Hahaha

It allows me a more reflective surface to take pictures against, looking more clean and professional.

Also, if you have the proper lighting to shine into it, it would be a great light box.

And this is all for, what? $1 at the Dollar Tree? Because yep, you can get gift bags in various sizes at the Dollar Tree!

Talk about blogging on a budget!

The side that I cut out is what I use mostly. The first bag I used lasted me two months until I got makeup on it and had to exchange it for a new bag.

Now, I say all this having an $80 portable light box that sits in my attic, unused because I have no where to set it up on the permanent because my house is too small. Man, I can’t wait to be a homeowner someday!

Here’s another shot of my “gift bag light box” in action:

lightbox 4

candied color
See? A nice, white reflective background for my product shots!

I’ve also used it for shots of my manis and nail art process when I do freelance writing and post work.

So what do you think of my cheap-o light box? Do you have a trick like this? And don’t forget to let me know what blogging tips you’d be interested in!