Ninja Polish Divinity and Ambrosia: Enigma Collection

Disclaimer: Press sample. See bottom for more.

divinity and ambrosia

Miss out on Clarins 230? Love multichrome polishes? Then you’re in luck.

Ninja Polish has released the Enigma Collection, a duo of polishes that are really quite stunning.

Ambrosia is a beautiful, vibrant red with red shimmer, and Divinity is, well, better than my bottle of Clarins 230.

Yep, I said that.

How about some swatches?!


ambrosia 2
ambrosia 3

Ambrosia was so vibrant and eye-searing it made my camera freak out. It’s got the slightest of golden glows, but that red shimmer and that bold red are just amazing. This is shown with two coats.

As beautiful as Ambrosia is, my jaw dropped when I saw Divinity. Indulge me a few photos:

divinity 6
divinity 11
divinity 9
divinity 10
divinity 8
divinity 7

Holy. Multichromal. Goodness.

This is shown in two coats, by itself.

Of course, though, I had to try layering it.

divinity 12

I used OPI OPI…Eurso Euro, OPI I Saw…U Saw…We Saw…Warsaw and Jesse’s Girl Julie G Black Sheep. Here’s the break down of what Divinity is over on what nail, and the swatches:

divinity 2
divinity 5
divinity 3
divinity 4

HELLO, stunning!

Then of course, I had to see how it compared with Clarins 230, unicorn pee itself.

divinity 13

Look at that – Divinity is like a freaking rainbow in a bottle. Here’s the breakdown of what’s on what nail and swatches:

divinity 14
divinity 15
divinity 18
divinity 16
divinity 17

You can see how much these polishes are alike. However, Clarins 230 is much sheerer than Divinity, which makes the Divinity multichromal effect stronger in my swatches. This is two coats each.

I don’t even know what to say, Divinity is amazing. This is my number one polish in 2013 so far. I have no complaints on application or formula.

My only wish? That is comes back in stock so I can buy backup bottles!

Divinity and Ambrosia are sold separately, for $11 a polish, or as the Enigma Collection (together) for $22. And as I mentioned about Divinity, it’s sold out – but so is the duo set and Ambrosia. You can sign up for email notification when these are back in stock through the Ninja website, and I say DO IT. You don’t want to miss this polish.

What do you think of Divinity and Ambrosia?! Are you excited about this Clarins 230 dupe?! It’s the closest I’ve seen and honestly, it is better than the bottle of Clarins 230 I have. I’m SO EXCITED!!!!

Disclaimer: Divinity and Ambrosia were totally surprise press samples provided to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!