Cult Nails 2nd Anniversary Collection

cult anniversary

I’ll be honest. When I first heard that Cult Nails was going to do a collection of polishes that included a black, white and golden glitter, I wasn’t excited. I like to buy Cult Nails not only because I’ve been buying from just about the beginning, and I guess I’m sort of a collector, but I also feel like I’m supporting a friend’s small business. So for this collection, that’s where my head was at. I was supporting Maria and adding to my Culties.

Then I got them home, and for the first time in a really long time, I used nail polish more than one time, in a week’s period of time.

Friends, don’t underestimate the power of a great staple white and black nail polish!!!

How about some straight-up swatches first?!


fetish 2
fetish 3

Fetish is a matte leather finish for a very opaque black. It’s easy to apply and more forgiving on flaws than a typical matte polish.


tempest 2
tempest 3
Tempest is an opaque white creme that also applied great, and is fantastic for nail art!


blaze 2
blaze 3
Blaze is so much more than the gold glitter that I thought it would be. It’s gold and copper/bronzey glitter goodness in a clear base. This was opaque in two coats.

When I got the package in the mail, this is the first thing I did with them. I HAD to wear all three:

cult anniversary 3
cult anniversary 2
cult anniversary 4

I also used Tempest as a base for some foil nail art that I did during NYFW, but I totally neglected to take pictures of it. I definitely Instagram’d those pics, though!

I have no complaints about these polishes – they have a great formula and they hold up well. Cult is one of the brands I can wear for a couple days with nary a chip. And ya’all know I can only stand to have the same thing on my nails about two days LOL

This collection also came with the chance to win a pair of diamond earrings. I got cubic zirconias, but that’s ok. I’d rather have the polish than the diamonds! LOL

Have you tried Fetish, Tempest and Blaze yet?! Which one do you like best?! And don’t you just LOVE a good staple?!