China Glaze Hologlam Collection

Disclaimer: The China Glaze Hologlams were provided to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!


When I saw China Glaze‘s Hologlam collection at Cosmoprof last year, I was asked not to publish photos of it. I understood the sensitivities and kept the photos to myself. Eventually, I just forgot to share!

But I was excited for the collection to come out, and I’m happy that the company sent me a set for review. Now that the collection is launched this month, here’s the picture of what I had to imagine for the last several months!

hologlam 2

Hologlam has been much anticipated, and has a lot of expectations riding on it with the legacy of past China Glaze holo collections still strong (OMG, Kaleidoscope).

But is it fair to compare? And do they compare?!

I took pictures in direct light – either sunlight or flash, and I took another picture in either indirect light or indoor light. The indoor light photos aren’t the best quality, but they help demonstrate the holo effect of each polish in and out of the light.

Let’s get to swatches!

Strap on your Moonboots:

strap on your moonboots
strap on your moonboots 2

Strap on Your Moonboots is a dark blue holo, and for me it was the weakest holo of the bunch. The day I wore this, the only time I saw the holo in this polish was in the direct sunlight. I was disappointed.

Take a Trek:

take a trek
take a trek 2

Take a Trek is a lighter dark blue holo. The holo in this was a little stronger.

Sci-Fly By:

sci fly by
sci fly by 2

Sci-Fly By is a light blue holo. Another one that had a stronger holo effect. I love the metallic silvery look of this holo, too.

Don’t Be a Luna-tic:

dont be a luna tic
dont be a luna tic 2

Don’t Be a Luna-tic is a silvery light blue holo, definitely one of my favorites.

Cosmic Dust:

cosmic dust
cosmic dust 2

Cosmic Dust is a silver holo. I do have silver holos that are more holo; I may have to break out a couple for a comparison post!

Galactic Grey:

galactic grey
galactic grey 2

Galactic Grey is a dark grey holo – it’s absolutely stunning.


omg a ufo
omg a ufo 2

OMG a UFO is a light green holo. It kinda reminds me of a cross between a spring green and a khaki green. I love this one, too.

When Stars Collide:

when stars collide
when stars collide 2

When Stars Collide is a dark purple holo. This was another strong one!


infrared 2

Infra-Red is a dark pink holo. I was underwhelmed by it, because I feel like the most done holos are bright pinks and silvers.


astro hot
astro hot 2

Astro-Hot is a pink holo.

Not in This Galaxy:

not in this galaxy
not in this galaxy 2

Not in This Galaxy is a plumeria pink holo.

Get Outta My Space:

get outta my space
get outta my space 2

Get Outta My Space is a light lilac holo.

Overall, the Hologlam collection seemed weaker to me than I thought it would be, but its still a pretty collection.

I swatched/wore all of these over Nfu Oh Aqua Base. I’m not sure how they apply over a regular base coat, but I did use a base treatment under the Aqua Base.

Strap On Your Moonboots had a lot of tip wear on me after one day, and I had chips after day two. I know holos are not always great on wear, but of course I can only speak to how the formula works with my body chemistry.

I had no problems in application, and they are well-pigmented.

These retail for $14 (holy cow!) and can be found at salons like Sally’s and Ulta.

Will you/have you pay/paid $14 for a China Glaze Hologlam – and if so, which ones jump out at you?! What do you think of the collection overall?!

Disclaimer: The China Glaze Hologlams were provided to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!