Wet n’ Wild Fergie Center Stage “Desert Festival” Eye Palette

fergie 2

By now, most of us in the U.S. have probably seen the Wet n’ Wild Fergie Center Stage Collection hit the endcaps and aisle of our local Walgreens!

I tried to behave and only pick up a few things, which, of course, included about five lipsticks, an eye shadow palette, and a couple of the face powders. So much for behaving, haha!

I’ve heard great things about the primer, so I may go back for that!

I love my lippies, but I was most excited to try this palette – Desert Festival – browns, neutrals and oranges make blue eyes POP! Check it out up close:


Top left is a shimmery dark bone color, top right is a bold orange, middle is a dark chocolate brown, bottom right is similar to the center but with copper shimmer, and bottom left is a copper shimmer.

These were pretty easy to blend, and easy to use in one look.

Check out what I did with it!

fergie 4

fergie 3

fergie 5
fergie 7
fergie 6
fergie 8

It’s a bold eye that I paired with a pop of complementary color on my cheeks and a glossy lippie.

These shadows stayed the day for me using Urban Decay Primer Potion. I used different brushes to apply them to my lid, and as I mentioned, I used all five in my look.

Seriously, for $4.99, this is a great deal and the quality is better than the price. I know a lot of my fellow makeup junkies feel that way about Wet n’ Wild in general!

Have you tried any of the Wet n’ Wild Fergie Center Stage Collection eye shadow palettes yet?! What do you think? Wet n’ Wild’s new eye palettes and lipsticks always have me running to the drug store – what about you!?