Models Own Hayley’s Comet

hayleys comet 3

Model’s Own Hayley’s Comet is a beautiful duochrome! And duochrome polishes make my day, and I needed a polish pick-me-up today!

I’ve had this polish in my photo files for a couple months now – it’s definitely time to share it!

I’ve been hesitant to post these swatches because my swatch photos aren’t clean and perfect, so accept that my cuticles aren’t perfect in this one, and where I applied it thick, it pooled. But it’s still a beautiful polish, and I still wanted to share it. Today – just for today – I don’t want to care about my cuticles, I want to share a pretty polish that makes me happy and takes my mind off the immense stress I’m under during the work week!

hayleys comet

hayleys comet 4

hayleys comet 2

I ordered Hayley’s Comet from the Model’s Own website. I used two coats by itself. It’s shown without top coat, but I think top coat can help get rid of those streak lines.

Have you seen Hayley’s Comet in person? Do you love duo as much as me?! Happy Friday, everyone. Cheers to the weekend!