OPI Mariah Carey Collection

mariah carey

When I was a tween, I played Mariah Carey’s debut album over and over again in my portable cassette player. “Someday” and “Love Takes Time” were my favorites from the album.

The pure magic and beauty of her voice made me feel emotion in the songs she sung, and wonder at how someone could sing like that. I was taken like that by Mariah until her album “Butterfly.” It’s not that I stopped being a fan, I just wasn’t as into her albums and songs as I was up until the song “Fantasy” came out.

I still adore Mariah, and I’m debating watching American Idol again as she’s supposed to be a judge come the new season! Because of my love for her early music, I was absolutely excited when I got the press release that OPI was working with her for a collection.

“OPIis thrilled to work with Mariah, an industry icon who loves nails and considers lacquer one of her favorite accessories,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director, in a press release. “With her magnetic personality both on and off the stage, Mariah serves as a great inspiration for beautiful, bold colors.”

I picked up seven of the eight colors in the colleciton, including all four Liquid Sand shades; Liquid Sand is described by the brand as a “texturized matte finish influse with reflective glints of light.

How about some swatches of the pretties?!

A Butterfly Moment:

a butterfly moment
a butterfly moment 2

A Butterfly Moment is a gorgeous pearly pink peach. It’s super feminine, I love it. I used two coats.


sprung 2

Sprung is a pretty copper shimmer with hints of rose gold. It’s a beautiful foil-like finish. I used two coats.

Pink Yet Lavendar:

pink yet lavendar
pink yet lavendar 2
pink yet lavendar 3

Pink Yet Lavendar has a collection of hex pink glitter with small holo glitter in a clear base. I didn’t pair it, but this would look beautiful over A Butterfly Moment!

Now onto the Liquid Sand shades!

The Impossible:

the impossible
the impossible 3

the impossible 2

Sorry – more engagement ring photos – I can’t help it I’m still in love lol Anyway! The Impossible is a gorgeous bright pink with holo stars and other pink glitters. I was surprised how well two coats of this – with no top coat – held up. I did dishes repeatedly, house chores and it didn’t chip at all. Color me impressed!

Stay the Night:

stay the night 2
stay the night
stay the night 3

Stay the Night is black with red glitter. I thought this one was absolutely stunning. I really didn’t think I’d love the texture as much as I do. It wears better on me than the Suede colleciton ever did.

Can’t Let Go:

cant let go
cant let go 2
cant let go 3

Can’t Let Go is a purple jelly base with … purple Liquid Sand? And purple glitter. All my Liquid Sand posts are two coats each.

Get Your Number:

get your number
get your number 2

Here’s an intentionally blurry shot to show off that holo glitter:

get your number 3

Here’s a picture of Get Your Number with top coat, because it looked like a Slushy – something I saw Katherine from Manicure Addict say on Instagram and I completely agree with! I wanted to see what it looked like wet!

get your number 4

Get Your Number is one of my favorites from this collection. So unique and beautiful! I loved it!

Something that surprised me with the Liquid Sand polishes was removal. It required less elbow grease than some of the glitters I wear. I didn’t need the foil method to remove these puppies.

When I’d done my nails with Stay the Night, I invited Mike to touch my nail to see what he thought. He thought it was neat.

mike says

“It feels like sandpaper.”

So have you seen the Mariah Carey Collection in stores yet? Picked any up? What do you think of Liquid Sand?! Share your thoughts below, I’d love to say hi!