Model in a Bottle

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I’m planning to do my own makeup for our wedding (in about 10 months, holy cow!!). When I first started thinking about what products and colors I might choose, I thought, “I have to remember to use my Model in a Bottle that day!”

Then I remembered that horribly, I have not reviewed Model in a Bottle on BeautyJudy yet!

I’m here to remedy that today, because this product is one of my must-haves for stay-put beauty!

Model in a Bottle was created by Jill Stephens, a trained esthetician and makeup artist who owned a related business in California for more than 10 years. Jill attended trade shows as a working artist and esthetician, much like Cosmoprof North America (held July 22-24 in Las Vegas last year), where I met her. According to the Model in a Bottle website, her idea for this spray came from attending those shows and events.

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Model in a Bottle, which comes in sensitive formula (on the left there) and normal to oily (on the right), and it works with any type of makeup – from liquids to mineral foundations and cream blushes.

model in a bottle

I gave the normal to oily formula a shot.

Model in a bottle 2

Here’s how it works, some directions from the packaging, and some from Jill:

  • Apply your makeup, including mascara
  • Let your mascara fully dry before you spray
  • Close your eyes, and evenly spray the formula about 10 to 12 inches from your face
  • If you blend your foundation into your neck, spray that area, as well, and pat it a bit with your hands
  • Let it dry 20 to 30 seconds before you open your eyes
  • In five minutes, you are done!

“You feel like you have nothing on,” Jill told me while I visited her booth. According to the website, the formula is meant to lay on the skin and it does not clog pores.

The site also says the brand does not test on animals.

One thing I noticed about this spray is how perfumy it is. It’s very strong. However, it doesn’t linger all day.

A bottle of the normal to oily spray is $18 for 2 fl oz., and the sensitive formula is $21 for 2 fl oz. When I run out of the normal to oily, I want to buy the sensitive formula, because of my rosacea! I have safely used the normal to oily without problems, though.

Bottom line, I use Model in a Bottle whenever I want my makeup to last. I don’t use it often, but for special ocasions and important work days, because it’s really budge-proof all day. I’ve used other setting sprays by other brands, and they do not hold like this one. You can initially FEEL the almost sticky hold it has (which goes away when it’s dry). I will be a Model in a Bottle bride, for sure!

To read more about it and how it works, click here.

Have you tried Model in a Bottle? Do you use a makeup setting spray?! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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