Jan 17 2013

Egon Schiele Mineral Eyeshadows

egon schiele shadow 2

I first discovered Egon Schiele at The Makeup Show New York in 2010, and I instantly fell in love with the brand because of its story and theme. I also fell in love with their lip gloss in the color “Live It Up,” it’s a bit like a pinky Nars Orgasm in color, but the formula is a bit thinner, which I like.

You can read my original post about Egon Schiele here, which will explain the brand and why it’s special, but unfortunately my pictures are missing. So I dug into my archives and found this. Here’s a pic of me wearing the lip gloss and an Egon Schiele eyeshadow in the crease, called Wally Charcoal:

old egon schiele

I recently ordered a couple new eyeshadows from the brand, because I like the formula and I fell in love with these two colors while browsing their shop:

egon schiele shadow

Left is Wink and right is Lime Illusion.

I wore the two together with a light eyebrow highlighter color (the name or brand of which I can’t recall!) and the result made me feel like an ice princess.

egon schiele shadow 4

egon schiele shadow 5

Wink is in the crease, Lime Illusion on the lid. I also used NYX Cosmetics Glam Liner Aqua Luxe in Glam Azure to line my top lid.

egon schiele shadow 7

egon schiele shadow 6

egon schiele shadow 3

This was such a light, pastel-looking face of the day. I paired the shadows with a nice light pink lip, one of the new Color Whispers by Maybelline called Lust for Blush. Review on that later!

Anyway. I will experiment with these shadows as lid colors and highlighters with other darker shadows, but I was happy with this different, bright look!

Have you ever heard of Egon Schiele?