KB Shimmer Candy Cane Crush

For three days, whenever I looked at my nails, I thought:

  • I broke a candy cane and it stuck in my wet nail polish.
  • Wow, I remember how we used to put candy canes on our Christmas trees every year – always after we put the ornaments on!
  • I can’t believe that three days in, I can still smell the vanilla mint scent of this nail polish on my thumbnail.

I recently did a mani with China Glaze Winter Holly (two coats!) as the base, and one (and a half-ish!) coats of KB Shimmer Candy Cane Crush. This polish looks like broken candy canes in a clear jelly base, it’s beautiful, with different sizes of red and white glitter. Check out my swatches! 

This glitter makes a great holiday mani. While the largest red hex pieces are a little more sparse in the polish they were a nice pop when I got them on my nails. I had no issues applying this polish.

The only thing that I’m on the fence about is how STRONGLY this is scented with vanilla peppermint. Did I mention it’s strong?! As I removed my old mani and applied this one, the scent of Candy Cane Crush overtook the lingering scents of acetone remover in the room and I was torn between whether I liked it or not. I have a love/hate relationship with the scent of vanilla although I love mint flavored/scented things. Vanilla added to mint doesn’t usually mesh with my olfactory senses, although I like the two fine by themselves. To each her own, right?!

Anyway, while I wasn’t big on how it made my room smell, I enjoyed the scent on my nails once I put top coat on it. You know how some scented polishes last for hours, disappearing the first time you shower with your mani or when you wake up from doing your nails the night before? This LINGERS on your nails. On the third day, I could STILL smell the scent sligthly on my nails. And it was pleasant. In small, concentrated doses, the scent is pleasant to me.

Mike is usually quiet about things when I polish my nails but he didn’t care for how strong Candy Cane Crush smelled.

“I feel like I have an Andes Mint stuck up my nose!”

When he saw me removing my mani, he asked me if I’d thrown “that stuff out” and I gasped. I told him no way was I throwing out a $8.75 bottle of nail polish, and it was perfect for the holidays and he would have to suck it up, buttercup, because I will wear it again! LOL

SO there you go. Have you seen Candy Cane Crush elsewhere?! What do you think of it?! And what do you think of vanilla mint scented things?!