Nov 26 2012

Sula NYC for the soft win!

My elbows are so dry they are cracked. I mean, my elbows might cut you if you come into contact with them. Sometimes I’m so self-conscious of the callused skin I pick at it, flaking it off.

Gross, right?!

The promise, and concept, behind Sula NYC is simple; exfoliation is the secret to soft, radiant skin, and the brand brings the ability to achieve soft skin into your home whenever you want. To my elbows, this sounded like heaven.

I’ve had trouble moisturizing and smoothing my elbows for, oh, I don’t know…FOREVER. I tried out the Gift Box, which included a 4 oz. Exfoliating Olive Soap, a textured mitt and a 30 ml. Fruit of Desire Argan Oil. I was wary, but excited to try these products. The packaging looks luxe.

Here’s the Exfoliating Olive Soap:

The Olive Soap is an interesting texture – it had the consistency of warmed salt water taffy; it felt like soap in a state of melting. It was unlike anything I’ve used. It doesn’t later up like traditional soap. Here’s what it looks like:

I used the soap in my hands to wash my body. Here’s the instructions on using this soap:

Here’s the ingredients:

I decided to try the exfoliation. After using this soap, here’s the mitt to use to get the dead skin off:

The mitt was a bit tight on my hand, so it was a bit of a struggle to get it off my one hand and onto the other when I was exfoliating my body. It shrunk, as the instructions explained, and instead of the size of my hand, splayed, it’s now the size of my hand without being splayed. The entrance to the mitt didn’t shrink as much. This doesn’t affect how it works.

As I scrubbed, I noticed the dead skin coming off onto the mitt. A ton of it came off as I scrubbed my elbows.

When I got out of the shower, I used the Fruit of Desire Argan Oil on my arms (and elbows!) and legs:

Here’s the ingredients and instructions:

The oil has a heady scent; I really smelled the jasmin and ylang ylang. I love it; it’s sensual and it lingers for a while. I had a soft, subtle scent on my skin that wasn’t overpowering.

It was moisturizing. Sula NYC didn’t really have to work hard to sell me on argan oil – it’s one of my favorites. I use argan oil in my hair and as a facial moisturizer, too. Because of my sensitive face, I will not use this as a face moisturizer because of the parfum.

Almost a week later, and my elbows are still smooth. I can’t wait to tackle winter with this set – my shins usually get flaky and white with dry skin; this is going to change my skin.

With the holidays coming, this would make a wonderful gift for someone – a friend, mother, mother-in-law etc. The Gift Box is $65, and available through the Sula NYC website. The individual pieces are available for sale, as well.

What’s your dry, trouble spot in your skin? Do you think this would help you too? I’d love to hear your thoughts about this set and these products!

Disclaimer: The Sula NYC Gift Box was provided to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!

  • Romy Lee

    oh my goss,I’m so glad that the world can see this product! All I use is Sula NYC, the Olive soap that not only cleans but also soaks 24 hours a day,my skin is always ready to be exfoliated.With the after care of the Argan Oil,you find a perfect balance!The Argan oil from Sula NYC is so light that you can get dressed right after you have used it on your fresh exfoliated skin,no more dryness,no more sun spots,always looking fab!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, great price,and long lasting,this is the product for me and my dear friends here in Zurich

    • BeautyJudy

      That’s awesome to hear thank you so much for letting us know your experience with Sula NYC!!! 🙂

  • Deest

    That is an interesting product using olive oil products. I have made my own scrub with olive oil and salt and it works very well. My problem is I always forget to use the scrub products. You’ve got me thinking about my own elbows!

    • BeautyJudy

      Did you use table salt, Deest? I think the combo of the olive oil soap and the mitt really did a bang-up job. My elbows have a new lease on life! LOL

      • Deest

        yes, regular Morton salt from the kitchen. Regular olive oil, also from the kitchen.

      • Tamara Walker

        Heard that a coarse salt like kosher salt can work well on the body as well and a more refined salt for the face.