Ofra Vitamin C Bronzer

So here I am, in Florida. The Sunshine State. I left the increasingly cold South Jersey area behind to visit my best friend and check out The Makeup Show Orlando. Meanwhile, I’m white as a ghost and haven’t seen a beach or pool since August.

It’s not quite warm enough to lay by the pool, sunning myself, and it’s also not healthy to do that! Enter Ofra Cosmetic Laboratories, which makes Vitamin C Bronzer. I discovered Ofra while walking the floor at The Makeup Show Orlando.

Vitamin C Bronzer comes in two shades: Light Copper and Golden Bronze. I have Light Copper Bronze – it almost seems to have a pinkish hint to it, which looked complementary to my fair skin tone. Golden Bronze looks great for darker skin tones. Both colors retail for $29, for 4.25 fl oz.:

Ingredients listing:

My particular pump bottle didn’t work (I pumped and pumped and nothing would come out), so I untwisted it and applied from the bottle. I did my left arm first, and took a bunch of pics to show the difference between my arms. Left arm, with Vitamin C Bronzer:

It looks natural, not much darker than my natural complexion!

My right arm, nothing:

After looking at both, you can see the subtle difference.

Again…left arm with bronzer:

Right arm without:

 Top of my left hand with bronzer:

Top of right hand without bronzer:

And this is what my hand looked like after I applied the bronzer to my left arm:

The good news is that this washes off very easily, so I had no issues getting my hand clean or taking the bronzer off.

The only real time I’ve ever had success applying a bronzer like this was when I used a brush. Using my hand to apply, I didn’t buff it into my skin perfectly and there were imperfections in my application:

The brush I would like to use to apply this is at home, and I’m writing this while still visiting my friend in Florida. So I will have to try application with my trusty brush when I get home. Because otherwise, this added a pretty glow – subtle, but buildable – to my arms. I’m just horrible at applying bronzer!

The bottle is a simple design, and the scent of the product inside is soft and fragrant; not floral, not nutty or coconut-like. It’s fragrant. I enjoyed the smell.

According to the Ofra website, Vitamin C Bronzer is great for photography and television and other professional scenarios (like weddings and theater). Ofra says the bronze effect will last for up to 12 hours. I didn’t keep it on long enough to find out whether that’s true.

As this was easy to wash off with soap and water, and to an extent, water, using it when sweating (like exercising or on a hot day), and showering will likely take this off.

So what do you think? Have you ever use liquid bronzers like this? Have you ever heard of Ofra’s? What is the key to your successful application? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Disclaimer: Ofra Cosmetic Laboratories Vitamin C Bronzer was provided to me for review by the PR Firms/Manufacturers. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!