Manis using Nabi glitters

A couple months ago, I purchased a lot of Nabi polishes on eBay – I think it was 40 of them for $40! Anyway, I did it for the glitters I kept seeing and wanting to try. I already shared my most favorite mani with a Nabi glitter – my unicorn farts mani. I’ve got three more manis to share today!

A note though, about these glitters. THEY STINK! They are strongly stinky, but for the majority of the ones I’ve tried, worth the stench if you can get past it. On many, the clear base is a little thick, but I didn’t really have too much trouble with the ones I’ve tried so far.

Nabi Pop Mania – Butter London Pillar Box Red – Cult Nails Charlatan:

This has to be one of my favorite manis! I love the way the pink and red combine between Charlatan and Pillar Box Red! And the glitter accent nail is a glam touch.

Nabi Abyss – Wet n’ Wild Fergie Glowstick – Sation Class Clown

Nail polish duck face, haha

I wore this mani for a weekend on Long Beach Island, one of my favorite shore spots in Jersey. I love the blue glitter contrasting and complementing the green. Total side note, but please keep LBI residents in your prayers as recovery from Sandy keeps going. <3

Nabi Beige – Nabi Star Glitter

My lot of polishes didn’t just come with glitters, it came with about 10 shimmery polishes, as well. There’s a couple purples, golds, silver – and this white shimmer, called Beige. The stars weren’t horribly difficult to fish from the bottle, I was surprised!

 Color Club First Looks – Nabi Green Land:

I love this combo – and Green Land is a gorgeous mix of holo and green glitters.

I’ve got lots more Nabis, but I haven’t had time to swatch them. I’d rather wear them, then share them!