Nov 01 2012

Is this the hot, new dupable polish of fall/holiday 2012?

Folks, I think we have the new Chanel Peridot (aka, highly dupable polish).

Now, I don’t know who had it first. Honestly they all came out about the same time, although the first one I got was Zoya Feifei, which was in the fall collection. I saw OPI’s first in July at Cosmoprof, but it’s part of the holiday colleciton.

After finding what looked like a Feifei and OPI On Her Majesty’s Service dupe in Rite Aid in the Sinful Colors holiday display – Winter Wonder – I decided I needed to swatch and compare and see just how dupable these three were. I decided to throw in Estee Lauder’s Chaos, because without a bottle comparison, I thought it was a dupe, as well.

So what do you think? Check it out:

Seemed to me like Estee Lauder Chaos, while certainly displaying the same shimmer qualities of the other three polishes, was not a dupe. So I focused on the Zoya, OPI and Sinful:

In the end, I think Zoya Feifei is a little sheerer than the OPI and Sinful polishes, and also seems a little bluer. I actually prefer a third coat but it’s shown in two here.

Winter Wonder and On Her Majesty’s Service seem like spot-on dupes for each other.

And as I mentioned, Chaos is definitely silver-grey while the other three are definitely more of a blue-grey.

Now for the price points. Zoya is SRP $8, OPI is SRP $8.50 and Sinful Colors is SRP $1.99. Estee Lauder Chaos is $20.

Personally, being an OPI collector, and lover of Zoya, I would have been happy with those. I picked up the Sinful for this comparison (but don’t worry, I’ll make sure it is well loved)!

So friends, which would you choose? What do you think about this color being the new dupable polish?!

Disclaimer: Zoya Feifei was previously provided to me for review by the PR Firms/Manufacturers. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!

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  • laura

    Oooh, thanks for the comp! I was planning on picking up OHMS, but I think I’ll skip it since I have the SC dupe and I don’t much like it. 😡

    • BeautyJudy

      Glad I could help you save money!!!! 🙂

  • da_kine85

    ooh, i love when people share dupes! i do love my zoya and opi, but if there’s something cheaper out there, then i’m all over that! thanks so much, i just hope my walgreens has that sinful colors.

    • BeautyJudy

      I should do them more often! Sometimes I put stuff away in my stash and I get too lazy to look. But it’s so useful to know that you can get a polish for $1.99 vs. $8.50!!! Good luck, I hope you find it at your Walgreens! 🙂

  • JoElla

    I have Feifei and passed on her majestry’s service, but now that you showed Winter Wonderland, I think I will go that route. Great pictures and thanks for dupes!

    • Judy

      Happy to help! It looks like this Sinful collection is starting to pop up in drug stores, so hopefully you are able to nab one soon 🙂