The siren call of Estee Lauder Chaos

I’ve been trying to avoid the call of department store nail polishes lately. But this one, it was calling to me like “Juuuuuddddddy….don’t leave us here in Lord & Taylor….we deserve a better life than to sit lookin’ pretty in the display….Juuuuuddddy…”

Naturally, I had to help Estee Lauder Chaos out, and I laid down my $20 and took it home. THE END.


Honestly, I just saw the pretty multi-colored shimmer and I was fascinated enough to make it mine.

I first shared Chaos last week as a polish I thought might have been a dupe for OPI On Her Majesty’s Service and Zoya Feifei (see the post here). The swatches proved that while it has a similar shimmer quality, the base color is more silver than Feifei and OHMS.

How about some swatches?!

Chaos is part of Estee Lauder’s Metal Mania collection of Nail Lacquers. My swatches show the color after two coats. I had no issues in application; plus, the Estee Lauder polish bottle is a thick, cube of glass, and if feels luxe (as a $20 polish should, right?!)

What draws me in to this polish is the blue and gold shimmer. Chaos – as well as Zoya Feifei and OPI OHMS – also remind me a little bit of OPI Reflecting Pool or Zoya Crystal, released a couple years ago (2010, I believe; Reflecting Pool was only available outside the States). But those polishes are a bit more of a frosty blue than Chaos or the other two newer releases.

Anyway! What department store polish siren call have you answered lately? Have you been – or would you be – lured in by Chaos?! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this polish!