Nov 23 2012

BeautyJudy Backlog – May of Milani

It happens.

As a nail polish and beauty blogger, at certain times of the year, I get slammed with content and my best-laid plans go awry. Life also happens; surgery, new responsbilities/roles at work, social things. I have all my photos edited for XX collection, and things just keep coming up and the next thing you know, the season has passed and the point is moot.

I am well aware that every month, I accumulate a backlog of photos for content that didn’t happen, and possibly may never happen.

Sometimes the content is evergreen – manis and nail art and makeup and brands that I’m not in a rushed need of  reviewing. So I hold onto the photos and wait for a break in my content schedule to post those things. For example, I’ve been taking photos of the manis I do with one brand of polish the last three months – because I bought a BUNCH of the polishes at once – so I can do a couple different posts with how I wear them instead of just swatching them.

The problem is that when opportunities to break into regular content don’t arise, the photos are like my Island of Misfit Toys. I put a lot of care and time into my photos and editing, and I really don’t want to see that work go to waste!

I’ve done pic spam posts in the past with photos from my backlog, but I’m calling myself out on it now. This is the stuff I MEANT to review or post for you that didn’t happen. So I’ve got about four posts prepped labled “BeautyJudy Backlog right now and I intend to keep reaching back and sharing with you what I’ve got. Hey, it’s nothing if not mindless fun to look at these pretty, pretty pictures!

I hope you’ll enjoy this particular post, which is pic spam of a few Milanis that I never got around to sharing with you – I shared part of the brand’s new polish launch here, and then dropped the ball on the rest. Milani added 22 trendy, new colors to its core line in 2012, and even though I’m belated in sharing them, they are still gorgeous and relevant! All my photos come from my May 2012 photo folder.

Pink Slippers:

Morning Coffee:

Fuchsia Fierce:

Chocolate Sprinkles:

A Rose Mylady:

 My favorites from this bunch are Fuchsia Fierce, Chocolate Sprinkles and Pink Slippers. These are a mix of classy and classic pinks with some trendy thrown in there.

Now that these have been out a while, have you picked up any of Milani’s new-for-2012 colors? What do you think?! And what do you think of me sharing my backlog?! 

 Disclaimer: The Milani Nail Lacquers in this post were provided to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!

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    Chocolate sprinkles looks good!