New Sally Hansen Lustre Shine

I love that the nail industry is embracing the nail community’s love of duochrome/multichromal nail polish by giving us collections devoted to the two-tone goodness, and they’ve definitely offered us some great polishes.

But I’m a little disappointed at the same types of duos each brand is putting out. I appreciate that all the brands jump to meet our demands, but let’s put it this way: Chanel Peridot. Name five dupes. GO!

I came across a display of Sally Hansen Lustre Shine nail color at Walgreens last week and I picked up a few of them, only to put them back down. I decided to only go home with two polishes that felt relatively new to me.

So what did I take home?


Lava is stunning in the right lighting. Look at that – orange/red, pink/purple, pink shifts. It’s truly gorgeous. My two coats were a bit thicker, so next time I need to use thinner coats.


Copperhead is an interesting and unique color in my collection. It’s got a copper and mahogoney brown duochrome to it. It’s stunning, and different. Two coats here as well.

I applaud Sally Hansen for Copperhead, it’s a beautiful duochrome an a color that I’ve not seen many other places. However, I saw a lot of colors that left me wanting. Some of them actually reminded me of Sally Hansen’s Ultra HD polishes – remember those?

As far as formula and application go, I like the brush in these polishes. It’s a slender version of the Insta-Dri/Complete Home Manicure brush. I was happy that Copperhead wasn’t a streaky, frosty mess, it applied quite nicely. As I mentioned with Lava, I needed thinner coats as I got some pooling on the sides of my nails from heavy application.

These polishes were not cheap. I picked up new Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes that were $4.79 a piece, while these were $8.49 a piece. 

What about you? What do you think of the Lustre Shine polishes? Have you picked any up? Have I created any lemmings here? I’d love to hear your thoughts!