Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm nail art

Last night after I got done work my brain was a bit fried. We’ve had days to stress out about Hurricane Sandy, which was on a path inland right over my town 45 minutes from Atlantic City. And last night was when it was all coming to a head as she made landfall.

Thankfully for us, Sandy changed her course slightly south of us, but she still came in over Atlantic City. Our shore line is so damaged. It’s hard to watch pictures of the beaches, boardwalks and shore towns I have loved and known all my life under water and damaged.

I decided to blow off some steam by using the hurricane as inspiration for a mani. I did something similar with Hurricane Irene last year. I used all the polishes in that above picture for this mani.

First up. A blurry thumb pic:

For my thumb, which is “random-whatever-I-wanted-it-to-be-doesn’t-fit-in-with-Sandy-theme.” Two coats of Color Club In the Limelight with two coats of Urban Outfitters Nail Lacquer in Chilly for accent.

Other fingers:

Here’s the breakdown of what I did:

  • Index finger: Frankenstorm. Cult Nails Feelin’ Froggy. Nubar Two-Way Nail Art Pen in Black for stitches.
  • Middle finger: Hurricane warning flag with two coats of Ciate Mistress as base, and Color Club Dark Romance for black.
  • Ring finger: Hurricane Sandy view from the satellite with three coats of Sephora by OPI Shiny Dancer as the ocean base and American Apparel Factory Grey and Nubar Marble Tower to create storm.
  • Pinky finger: Hurricane symbol created using Nubar Two-Way Nail Art Pen in Classic Red over two coats of Zoya Minka.

This hurricane, a historic storm, is no laughing matter. I spent my day with storm coverage on in the background as I worked from home, and I spent the evening watcing storm coverage with Mike…nail art was my outlet for dealing with the stress of not knowing what to expect – as I write this, trees have been coming down all over, transformers were blowing everywhere in the area earlier and the wind is so. LOUD.

For those of you in the storm’s path – I hope you and your family are safe. This isn’t something any of us on the east coast will forget.

Disclaimer: Nubar Marble Tower, Zoya Minka and Color Club Dark Romance were previously provided to me for review by the PR Firms/Manufacturers. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!