Ruby Wing Festival

It looks like a game-changer has come on the scene for color-changing nail polish! Everyone welcome, Ruby Wing!

Forsythe, the company that manufactures Color Club and Art Club nail art lacquers, has created a new off-shoot called SolarClub; SolarClub’s first collection is called Ruby Wing. Ruby Wing is a line of color-changing nail polishes using SolarClub’s trade marked SolarActive technology.

I first spotted these beauties at Cosmoprof North America in July and I’ve been patiently waiting for them to start popping up on e-tailer sites! Friday, I spotted a display at a local beauty shop! I picked up six of these polishes, but trust me, I had a hard time deciding!

Here’s my six in the shade:

Here they are in the sun:

They are from left to right: Eclipse, Tide, Desert Valley, Gypsy, Cypress and Festival.

They all have these adorable little tags on them that tell you how to use the polish (basically apply it and enjoy), and with a tagline/quote that says, “If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.” How nice!

Ok. So the first one I HAD to put on my nails was Festival. All that glitter? I had to check it out. Here’s swatches of Festival from shade to full sunlight!

Isn’t that cool? It’s so beautiful, going from a silvery, lilac-kissed hue into a full-on grape purple. And with all that holo glitter, this polish and my mani just flashed!

Here’s a couple more shots!

This is just two coats of Festival, by the way!

Here’s swatches of the whole collection. Top ones are in the shade, and bottom are in UV light:

Seriously GORGEOUS.

Forsythe/SolarClub NAILED the color-changing formula, and also offers AMAZING colors, to boot. I may need ALL of these in my life!

Formula and application were no fuss, and I used a coat of Seche Vite to keep Festival from chipping. I wore it all weekend.

I’ll share the other ones as I wear them – so gorgeous!

These aren’t cheap. They retail for $12 on the Ruby Wing site (linked to above) and I bought them for $7.95 at the beauty shop. I’m not sure where else they’re going to be available at this point.

So what do you think of Ruby Wing?! Of Festival? Are you as excited as I am?! I’d love to hear your thoughts below!