Sep 06 2012

It’s a Crime Scene!

I’m so excited for the season premiere of Dexter at the end of this month! Dexter is one of my all-time favorite shows, and this season looks like it’s going to be amazing!

Like any true nail art and polish fanatic, I show my love for my TV shows by doing themed nail art, haha! Last year, I tried my hand at the Dexter logo for a mani:

I thought it turned out pretty well! This was actually a mani I did for World Blood Donor Day!

After watching the new season trailer on YouTube, I decided I just had to try my hand at creating a crime scene mani! I found it fun to think of the five images to put on my five fingers, to represent this theme! As I contemplated, it became less about Dexter and more about the idea of a crime scene mani itself. When it was done, I actually thought my hardly-ever-seen right hand looked better than my left. So here’s photos of my right hand with the theme:

Here’s what I did:

  • Body Bag thumb: two coats of LVX Livid. Image of zipper stamped in China Glaze Millenium from plate BM-202. I stamped Coraline’s head (I didn’t mean to kill Coraline, I swear!) in Millenium as well, from plate C05.
  • Caution Tape index finger: Two coats of LVX Livid. Yellow tape is Nubar Nail Art Lacquer in Sunny Yellow. Word “Caution” written in NubarNail Art Lacquer in Black. Blood splatters are Nubar Nail Art Lacquer in Classic Red.
  • Body Chalk Outline middle finger: Two coats of LVX Livid. Body outline in Nubar Nail Art Lacquer in Basic White. Nubar Classic Red for blood splatters.
  • Crime Scene Fingerprints on ring finger: Two coats of China Glaze White Out. Painted LVX Livid on my finger, and stamped it over the nail.
  • Gun pinky finger: Two coats of LVX Livid, gun stamped from plate D17 in China Glaze Millenium.

As I tend to mention when I do nail art posts, I’m no Picasso, haha. But I had fun doing this! I still need a good Dexter mani for end of the month, though!

What do you think of the crime scene mani? What other aspects of a crime scene would you have incorporated?! Instead of a gun, would you have included a knife?!