Beautylish Launches Next “Boutiques” Shop Today

Within the last couple weeks, I clicked on someone’s Tweet about an invite to shop on Beautylish, and signed up. I didn’t think anything of it, until I got my invite to shop the site. I browsed around and placed an order.

I was really happy with the customer service and experience – so I wanted to share the news with you that Beautylish’s new sales channel for beauty brands – Boutiques on Beautylish – officially launches another new boutique today – Billy B!

The Beautylish Boutiques shop, officially announced last month, is another piece in a site that brings together a beauty community with editorial content. Here’s how it works. Registered Beautylish members will be able to purchase products and limited exclusives from some of the most popular brands in the community such as Sugarpill Cosmetics and hard-to-find or unique items like brush collections from celebrity makeup artist Billy B. Every few weeks, Beautylish will introduce a new brand Boutique on the site featuring some of the most popular brands in the Beautylish community. Each boutique will include a limited exclusive item that will be available while supplies last in addition to an assortment of products that will be stocked on a regular basis. Over time, Beautylish will help members to recreate their favorite looks by enabling purchase when products are used in photos, videos and editorial content.

“Over the past two years, Beautylish has been successful at generating significant purchasing intent from our community of more than 1M unique monthly U.S. visitors in the 18-34 year-old demographic, in addition to a large social following of 500,000 Twitter followers and 300,000 Facebook fans” said Nils Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Beautylish, in a press release. “We’re launching e-commerce as a way to satisfy that purchasing demand and provide our community with a great end-to-end user experience.”

The inaugural Boutique that I shopped from was Sugarpill Cosmetics, one of the top 10 most popular brands on the Beautylish site. The Sugarpill Cosmetics Boutique offers eyelashes, makeup palettes and a limited edition eyeshadow. I have been procrastinating about buying one of the Sugarpill palettes I’ve been seeing swatched and used all over beauty sites, so I finally just went for it. I bought all three palettes – Burning Love, Heart Breaker and Sweet Heart. Heart Breaker came with an exclusive shadow single, “@#$%!”

The items came with a nice note from customer service thanking me for being one of their first shoppers, info about the boutiques and a free Beautylish T-shirt! The shirt is one size too small but with any luck I’ll be fitting into it in a month or so as I’ve restarted my weight loss efforts (The Beauty Loser will come back soon!).

Anyway, I was impressed at these touches, and the very fast shipping. I ordered Sunday and got my stuff Tuesday. They are off to a GREAT start.

How about some swatches of my goodies?!

Burning Love:

Heart Breaker:

Heart Breaker came with @#$%!:

Sweet Heart:

The first palette I wore was Heart Breaker (please excuse my eyebrow growth!):

I also used Glamour Doll Eyes Disco White as an eyebrow highlighter, and Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero. Oh! And Maybelline MegaPlush Mascara. I had MEN complimenting me on my shadow the day I wore this! I thought that was pretty cool!

I will buy again from Beautylish. I am also a bit of a noob to the community (I’ve always known about Beautylish but never really participated) so I’m looking forward to surfing around soon. I already started reading some of the articles on the site. It’s good stuff!

What do you think about Beautylish’s Boutiques launch? Did you shop yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this new avenue for shopping! I’ll leave you with one final, cute pic of my kitty, Timmy, lying by the box of Beautylish/Sugarpill on our couch. I love that it says “Obsessed” on the shipping box…I’m certainly makeup – and kitty! – obsessed!