Stash Attack! Maybelline Express Finish Glitter: Bolt of Blue

 Stash Attack! is a feature on BeautyJudy that rediscovers a beloved polish or brand from my polish stash!

Mike and I make it a point to stop at a cool store called JR’s on our way home from our vacations in Florida each year. JR’s is off I-95, in one of the Carolinas. The first year we went, 2010, I found barely any makeup of note. But last year, I hit on a mother load of old Revlon and Maybelline polishes!

Maybelline Express Finish Glitter in Bolt of Blue just had to come home with me last year. Check it out:

Onto swatches:

This is such a gorgeous blue, with purple shimmer and silver-blue glitter!

Finding this polish, and the others, makes me sad that we aren’t planning to do our Florida vacation this year, and I won’t get to visit JR’s for a long time. Oh well. My family is still making the trek, and I’m not above giving them money and asking them to look for me!!

Mike saw what I was posting about and asked about it. I told him that it was rare, hard-to-find. He tried to discern whether, therefore, this polish would be unicorn pee, or puke, based on which one referred to a rare glitter. I told him that the terms Unicorn Pee and Puke referred to specific polishes, and wasn’t a category of polish. So Bolt of Blue was neither. Mike sighed.

“I regret that I have come to know the difference between Unicorn Puke and Unicorn Pee.”

Sorry, babe.