Clarisonic Whimsy Plus Skincare Brush Review

Two years ago, my mom gave me a Christmas gift that she was SO PROUD to give me. It was a Clarisonic Mia.

What a nice gift, right?! I’m a beauty blogger, I should have been thrilled! Instead, I thought, oh no! I can’t with my sensitive, rosacea sufferin’ skin! How badly would a brush irritate my redness?! Ugh. I really wanted to give it a shot but I immediately asked if it would hurt her feelings if I could exchange it for something else.

My mom was a bit disappointed, but she understood my hesitation. She has sensitive skin, too.

Flash forward to about four weeks ago. I unexpectedly received a Clarisonic Whimsy Plus Skincare Brush to review from b glowing. At this point, it’s been a couple years since the Mia Christmas incident, and I’ve done all types of things to my skin I never thought possible – facials, Ocean Salt scrub from Lush, etc. – and experienced great results. Today, I’m less hesitant to try something new on my face (except stuff meant for acne. No can do-sies!). I decided that I would try this brush and cleanser on my face, but primarily review it as a body brush.

Then I used it on my face for the first time and I fell in love.

My face never felt so smooth as after I used that brush! And I love the scent of the Refreshing Gel Cleanser! It’s soft and clean and sweet.

So let’s back it up a bit before I go all fan-girl. My Whimsy package came with the following:

  • Cordless Clarisonic PLUS
  • Universal charging cradle
  • Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head
  • Body Brush Head
  • 1 oz. trial size of Refreshing Gel Cleanser, Gentle Hydro Cleanser and Nourishing Care Cleanser
  • 2 oz. trial size of Refining Skin Polish
  • Free fuchsia travel bag + Sensitive Brush Head.

This Clarisonic has a very pretty design. It has four lights on the back to show charging and battery life.

On the front are the controls. You can turn it on and off, and change the settings for how long the intervals are in between areas of your face that you scrub.

When you turn it on for the body brush, it just goes, you don’t have to set anything.

I used the Sensitive Skin Brush Head, and it is soft:

Not only does my skin feel polished afterwards, but it really cleanses my skin better than I ever do with just cleanser and my hands!

I’ve used this consistently for four weeks, and I’ve not experienced any breakouts or issues with my skin. My rosacea has been no better or no worse, but my cleansing routine is definitely improved, and that is always good for your skin!

Here’s a shot at the two cleansers included in my package:

Bottom is the Refreshing Gel Cleanser, top is the Refining Skin Polish. Here’s a bottle shot of the Skin Polish:

Here’s the Clarisonic with the Body Brush:

I liked using this as a body brush, too. I felt exfoliated after using it, and concentrated on scrubbing my elbows and around my feet and knees. But I didn’t use it in the last month for my body nearly as much as I did for my face.

I never imagined that this product would become such a daily part of my routine that I would take it to Las Vegas with me, packing it in my carry-on because I didn’t want to lose it if my bags went missing!

I have only charged it twice since I started using it. Once in the beginning, and then last week before I left for Las Vegas.

Now I wish I’d never returned that Mia, I wish I’d taken a chance and tried it! I could have been walking around with cleaner skin for two extra years!!

As a total aside, if you ever wonder if we bloggers cycle through stuff and never return to it, or we say we like it and you wonder if we lie, rest assured that this is one of those items I am preaching the truth about. Well, I preach my truth about everything I review but I don’t necessarily go back to things. I’ve already replaced my 1 oz. container of Refreshing Gel Cleanser with a full size, $25 bottle (you can find it at Sephora, Ulta, or b glowing, all the same price):

Mike came in as I was typing, and I had to ask him what he thought about the Clarisonic, what his impression is, especially since it is so obviously adding to the growing clutter of items being reviewed (or just plain ole’ regularly used) in the shower.

“XXXXXXXSomething inappropriate about battery-operated equipment in the showerXXXXXX”

I should have known what I was setting myself up for when I asked.

Thanks, Clarisonic, for making your product so user-friendly for my rosacea!

And friends, I’m curious – have you used a Clarisonic before? What’s your thoughts on it?!

Disclaimer: The Clarisonic Whimsy Plus Skincare Brush was provided to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer/e-tailer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!