Jun 27 2012

Stash Attack! OPI Route Beer Float

Stash Attack! is a feature on BeautyJudy that shares a beloved polish or brand from my polish stash! It’s been at least a year since I’ve done one of these posts, but I’d like to bring it back regularly – I love rediscovering my stash!

I have loved nail polish since I was a kid, buying my first light pinks and other polishes at the five & dime with my mother’s money. The polish brands I bought as a kid – Wet n’ Wild, Love My Nails, Parfait – they were just the start of a life-long love affair.

Growing up, it was all about drug store brands. It wasn’t until Drug Emporium, in the 1990’s, when I bought my first OPI nail polish. Drug Emporium may be out of business, but that OPI is still my absolute, favorite and most cherished OPI – Route Beer Float from the 1997 Route 66 Collection.

Route Beer Float is pre-Big Three Free and ProWide brush. It’s a pinky brown shimmer. It is the perfect nail polish for me.

*sigh* It’s so PRETTY!

I cherish this polish more than my bottle of Clarins 230. *gasp* Yes, I know.

So what polish in your stash do you cherish? Do you remember the first polish you ever bought from one of your favorite brands? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

  • Gena in CA

    Judy, I have a hard time restraining myself too, and the 150+ pile of untrieds (plus the empty wallet) to prove it! I need some of your willpower!
    I got Mr. Bubble; you’re gonna LOVE it!! I know I’m being a bad influence, but you’ve GOT to get Summer Lovin’ if you like matte neon glitter…the BOMB!

  • Gena in CA

    I’ve always loved makeup, but I didn’t start going on an all-out polish binge until about 4 years ago. It began with me trolling the drugstores; then I started buying a few from OPI’s Austrailian collection, and some of their DS Originals. Then, when the Russian collection came out, I bought all but 2 polishes. When Collection La France was released, I bought them all! That’s when I noticed the other 10,000 great brands on the market. The rest is history! I’ve been through many, many color “addictions”: nudes, purples and teals (still); I’ve been through holo, multichrome and glitterbomb manias. Now, I can’t get enough of neons, matte glitters and indie polishes. When will it stop?!

    P.S. My first ebay polish was OPI Mojave Mystic Mauve; it holds a special place in my lacquered heart> :

    • http://beautyjudy.com BeautyJudy

      Gena I love your story!!! Isn’t it addicting, collecting polish?! No one else could understand trolling drugstores and need entire collections the same way! LOL I am with you on neons, matte glitters and indie/individual creators polishes…I can’t wait for my Lush Lacquer – I doublechecked last night, I ordered Mr. Bubble! Full of matte glitters! 🙂 I had to restrain myself from picking up a few others.