Jun 25 2012

Pure Ice Five Shades of Grey

Any of my readers out there NOT heard of, or read, at least one of the Fifty Shades of Grey books?! Here’s a pic of my Kindle Fire, with the book cover, on my bed, low lighting, with Pure Ice’s newest offering, FIVE Shades of Grey.

Right. So Mike was actually the first person to tell me something about these books, and after Googling to learn more, I decided to download the first one. I tore through it, putting aside my internal content editor and ignoring my MA in Writing. (Yes, I know that makes me sound awful and snobbish. But if I didn’t, Ana’s “inner goddess” just makes me uncomfortable and sounds cheesy. Plus, I have to give the author a break. She wrote it as fan fiction, and it’s written to stimulate things other than your brain…). Anyway. I started the second book more than a month ago, but I’m also in the middle of trying to get through The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Knowing how popular this book series is, I’m not surprised that a cosmetic company came up with a nail polish collection that complements it. While it isn’t sold complete with a free whip and ball gag, it doesn’t need any bells and whistles outside of what it includes: a grey creme, a silver crackle, a silver glitter, a silver metallic and a metallic grey with muted purple undertones. What I like about these five polishes is that they all work together in different combinations and cost $1.99 each.

Swatches, shall we?

Kiss Me Here:

Kiss Me Here is a grey creme. Applied well, this is two coats. Looks like liquid cement. Nice polish.


Beware is the silver glitter. This is after two coats. Seems meant more as a top coat than by itself. When I wear Kiss Me Here, I’m putting Beware on top!

I decided to see how Lightning Strikes, the silver crackle in the collection, looked over Beware, and that’s how I swatched it.

Lightning Strikes:

Lightning Strikes is silver crackle. It’s shown over two coats of Beware, which was still tacky at application. But it didn’t bunch up the polish in a weird way and it doesn’t look bad.

Silver Mercedes:

Silver Mercedes is a metallic silver that does have brush strokes, although I’m not sure if they even out after top coat – I haven’t worn this one yet. Another one that I could use under Beware.

Risk Taker:

Risk Taker is more like a grey shimmer than a metallic, and it seems to have a touch of muted purple in it to make it interesting. This is by far my favorite shade of these five greys. I wore this one with Lightning Strikes over it on Father’s Day, but forgot to take a picture – it looked sharp.

All these polishes and their possible combinations are great manis for a night out.

Before I leave you, I’ve got one more thing. I’m going to start a new feature on my blog called “Mike Says…” It will be an additional commentary on my posts.

See, sometimes when I’m swatching, or prepping posts, my boyfriend, much like a child would, says the darndest things. I decided I can’t keep these gems to myself anymore. Let me know what you think!

 “We should have taken a photo for this with you over my knee, with the polishes on your back, and me about to spank you.”

Actually, kind of a funny photo idea but I can imagine all the weird possible Google searches that would then lead people to my blog…

So what do you think of Five Shades of Grey? I haven’t seen this at my Walmart, but in each polish description I did link to the Bari Cosmetics website, where you can purchase each polish.

This collection is all good fun. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these polishes, Mike Says and Fifty!

Disclaimer: The Five Shades of Grey Collection was provided to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!

  • Patricia

    I loooooved Fifty Shades of Grey. I was so intent on reading .. Freed, that it sat on a counter for about a week before I picked it back up and finished it. I NEED to have those polishes, LOL. I was at Walmart the other day, and they don’t have these shades out, but I’ll be looking 😀

  • http://courtneysmindgrapes.tumblr.com Courtney

    haha, you soo should have taken a pic like Mike suggested! muahahahaha. but i understand about undesirable google image searches 😛

    i really like the look of Risk Taker too. and i wouldn’t mind trying Kiss Me Here as well. i have a dark gray creme polish in my collection, but not a light gray creme. i haven’t read the books, but i hear they’re awfully addicting. i usually read a book a week (or more), but i’ve been so busy with my wedding coming up that i haven’t read anything in over two months! eek!