Cult Nails Fairytale Collection

Met an evil queen? Ha. Check. Ever felt like a princess? Check. Met my Prince Charming? Check. Kissed a frog? I won’t tell you how many!

But have I had my happy ending? No – but I sure hope when the end comes, I will have lived a full and happy life to get there!

What’s all this fairytale-like talk leading up to, you ask? Why, the Cult Nails Fairytale Collection!

Fairytale is a five piece collection – four colors and a glitter top coat – that calls to mind the princess stories of a girly childhood.

How about some swatches?! I’m going to do the colors, then include pics of Happy Ending with each color, since I didn’t swatch Happy Ending on its own.


With Happy Ending as an accent nail:

Charming is a pretty purple shimmer. I thought this was going to be a little sheer judging from the first coat, so I was really happy when it was opaque in two coats. I’m not sure why, but when I put top coat over the finished mani (I wore it with the accent finger), the polish pulled from the tips.

Happy Ending is a clear base with irregular, shards of glitter. It’s like the glitter version of a flakie. Love it. I own a near dupe of this made by Icing, but more on that later.


Trying to capture that pretty pink shimmer:

With Happy Ending:

Princess is a light blue with pink shimmer. This is my favorite polish in the collection. I went a little nuts taking photos, can you tell?! I didn’t want to hide Princess, so I just gave her the accent finger, too!

Feelin’ Froggy:

With Happy Ending:

Feelin’ Froggy is a grassy green with green shimmer. Shown in two coats here. I like this one, but it wasn’t my favorite.

Evil Queen:

With Happy Ending:

Evil Queen is a bombshell red! And wow, it’s so pigmented that I toyed around with just using one coat. I used Happy Ending over all the nails, because with the red, I thought this would just be an outstanding glitter bomb! I love it. So bright and happy.

 Color Thoughts

Overall, the colors in this collection do justice to the idea of the fairytale. It especially brings Cinderella to mind for me! Oh, that blue, Princess. So pretty! I loved Cinderella when I was a little girl; it may sound stupid but when I was a kid I connected with her as a princess because she was a blonde like me. Ha! When I was a little kid I also thought I would grow up to look like other people with the same name as me. Weirdo, I was.

Dupe Talk

I think the red, purple, green and blue are pretty and possibly dupable, but I had a couple specific, possible dupes for Princess and Happy Ending in mind.

First up – Sinful Colors Cinderella vs. Princess:

I think that while they are the same idea, Princess is a dustier blue than Cinderella, and Cinderella has a stronger pink shimmer than Princess.

Next up – Happy Ending vs. Icing After Party:

These are pretty much the same thing; even the name writing on the sticker on the bottom of the bottle is nearly identical. Still happy to have two of these; I can’t get enough flakies or shard glitters!

Application Issues

I had no real application issues with these polishes. Happy Ending is not packed with glitter, I had to apply the first coat and then fill in the blanks, so to speak. I like that, though, because you can see the shapes of the shards and the glitter is not all on top of each other all over.

Additional Information

I preordered this collection. It is currently available in whole through Cult Nails site here for $50. They are all also available for $10 a piece individually on the site. You can also purchase Cult Nails through Overall Beauty here – same price. I don’t see Princess or Charming available on the Overall Beauty site at this time.

So what do you think of this collection? And what would YOU answer to those five questions above? I’d love to hear your thoughts below … please delurk and say hi!!!