May 15 2012

The Beauty Loser Weekly Update 05/15/2012

This week I finally addressed my week-after-week struggle with the same 3 lbs. during my weekly Weight Watchers meeting. The meeting focus was on motivation, and I thought it a perfect time to ask the leader my burning question:

I keep struggling with the same 3 lbs. – losing then gaining and vice versa – and it’s frustrating. Since January! Mostly because I KNOW what I have to do (journal, eat better etc.) and I’m lacking motivation. And yet, I keep coming to Weight Watchers meetings. If I’m unable to continue my weight loss, should I still be coming to meetings?

Yes, the leader said. If I didn’t come, I might gain it ALL back. If I didn’t come I would miss out on a support system. And he’s right.

I find my meeting group so inspiring – so many people have lost a lot of weight and have positive, healthy attitudes. The leader is a riot. I feel comfortable speaking up and sharing my successes and struggles.

He challenged me to just commit to one thing on the program to help get me back on track. I chose journaling my food intake. Because I know that will help me. I WILL do this, and AM doing this, and I commit to having a full Points Plus Tracker when I attend my next meeting on Saturday.

With that said, I didn’t eat very well over the weekend. Saturday was my birthday! I received an amazing red velvet cake from my favorite bakery, and then cupcakes from my dad and stepmom. I don’t drink a lot, but I enjoyed a few beers and some liquor on Saturday night. Sunday I indulged in more cake, and then more sweets at dinner for Mike’s mom (it was also a birthday celebration for her, me and Mike’s brother-in-law … there was a baked good for each of us with candles!).

Although I indulged this weekend, I intend to make it right this week and reign myself back in. One of the things I’ll use to help me is my Pandora bracelet. I think of it as my Weight Watchers anchor. I look at the charm I have that means “inner strength” and I try to envision my will power. Mike, my stepmom, grandmom and even my kitteh Timmy bought me charms for the bracelet for my birthday – as you can see in the top pic (I put it at the top to “anchor” this post) it’s almost full! I felt like a lucky girl!

Here are some of my other presents – balloons:

Gift cards:

And I even picked up a little something for myself Saturday from Hot Topic – a new T-shirt that doesn’t quite fit, but will now be a “goal shirt.” Does anyone else out there love Big Bang Theory like I do?!

The Stats

Weight at start of the week: 198.2 lbs.

Weight at end of the week: 199.4 lbs.

That’s a total of 1.2 lbs gained, for a grand total of 20.8 lbs down.

Goals for the coming week are the same as they were for last week, because I failed at accomplishing them:

  • Sign up for another 5K to run in May!
  • Eat fruit instead of sweets (even 100 calorie packs) for snacks
  • Journal my food and activity

What struggles have you been facing when it comes to weight loss or reaching your goals in something else? Have you talked with your support person or group about it? Share your thoughts below!

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  • Erin

    I know that you are already on a program and I don’t want you to stray from something that is working but read up on Clean by Dr. Junger. It’s a 3 day, 1 week or 21 day cleanse to give your digestive system a break. You probably will need to speak to a doctor maybe because of your galbladder issues. But it’s really just sensible eating. Cutting out the prepared, boxed foods, eating clean. You are not hungry. it does require focus. My husband and I are on week 2. Toughest thing was giving up caffeine. I was the type that I couldn’t open up my eyes without a cup of coffee in my hands. I pushed through the headaches, did have a little green tea for the 1st and 2nd day. It took me 4 days to feel “normal” again. I jump out of bed in the morning now. It’s really weird. You also give up sugar but in all honesty, I don’t miss it. No artificial chemical sweeteners, but you can have agave. But for Breakfast and Dinner, Smoothie, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup raspberries 1 cup either almond milk or coconut milk. Coconut milk is so much better or you can juice or have soup. For lunch you can choose from the elimination foods. We do turkey, chicken or bison with different combinations of salad, brown rice or quinoa, avocado and a variety of veggies. We haven’t gone crazy with all the supplements that you can buy though. I’m going to stick with it as long as I can but I will allow a “cheat” day on Saturday if I feel like it. I don’t want to be a slave to a diet, just eat sensibly. Maybe a 3 days cleanse is all you need to shed those tricky 3 pounds?