For many reasons, I have a bunch of random polish swatches that I haven’t put into a proper post, and probably won’t get to. But I figured I’d share the pretties with you anyway! Who doesn’t like a little polish porn?! Haha

China Glaze Full Spectrum:

Holy glitter awesomeness, Batman! I picked this one up from one of my favorite etailers, either Trans Design or Victoria Nail Supply.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily:

One of my favorite polishes of 2012, for sure. I got it through the RBL presale on The Fan Collection. I’d like to link to t but it’s sold out. But FYI, Ji wrote on her blog that she’s bringing it back, along with a few other RBL favorites, in time for holiday 2012!

I couldn’t resist some sparkles on Aqual Lily, so I added Nicole by OPI A Million Sparkles for my accent nail:

I think I picked up A Million Sparkles from Ulta.

Ludrana Admiravel:

What a serious chameleon this polish is! I picked it up from Llarowe.

Clarins 230 aka Unicorn Pee, over OPI Road House Blues:

That blurry one shows you the sparkles! OH HAI, GORGEOUS!

Icing Magnetix with no name:

I love the wave design of this magnetic polish!

Revlon Splashy:

Revlon Splashy was a find at JR’s, a store along Interstate 95 that we pass when we drive to/from Florida from New Jersey!

Love & Beauty Blue:

Blue is not a very good name for this gorgeous blue with golden shimmer. It’s a bit darker in real life. I picked this beauty up from Forever 21 at my local mall.

Revlon Street Wear in Halo, with Midas for accent finger:

Ah, old school nail polish! I miss Revlon Street Wear. I would much rather see this line come back than the Hard Candy or Urban Decay polishes. Also, I was really big into the Maybelline Express Finish polishes in the late 90s!

So there you go! Some random nail swatches for ya! I hope you enjoyed the pretties as much as I enjoyed reliving them by posting them!