New! Jordana Glitters Specialty Nail Polish Part II

I’ve got nine more beautiful glitters to share with you from the Jordana Glitters Specialty Nail Polish collection. Eighteen of these new glitters, which cost SRP $2.99, are currently available; all 18 are for sale through the Jordana web site, and 12 shades will be sold at Kmart in February!

The 12 shades that will be available at Kmart are: 01 Magenta Magic, 02 Celebration, 06 Fairy Dust, 08 Sequins, 10 Gemstones, 11 Cosmic, 12 Celestial, 14 LA City Nights, 15 Blue Bash, 17 Copper Blaze, 21 Funky Gold Town, and 23 Rhinestones. The six shades that aren’t available yet are: 03 Purple Party, 04 Outer Space, 07 Confetti, 09 Red Flash, 13 Carnival and 22 Galaxy. If you check out the big pic at beginning of the post, you can see small swatche of the unavailable six shades.

Let’s get to swatches! There’s as many pics today as there were yesterday!

15 Blue Bash:

Blue Bash is a regular and hex-shaped blue glitter in a sheer blue tinted base. It’s much like Magenta Magic and Pixie Pink from yesterday’s post. I would layer this one – it’s shown here in two coats. I paired it with China Glaze Electric Beat:

I love the two blues together!

16 Green Glitz:

Green Glitz is made up of tiny green glitter, with slightly larger green glitters in a clear base. I am not sure if one more coat (two are shown) will get this one opaque. I would use it as a layering polish, which I did here over China Glaze Sunshine Pop:

I like the yellow and green combo. This glitter will come in handy for St. Patrick’s Day manis!

17 Copper Blaze:

Copper Blaze is probably my least favorite of these 18 glitters – probably the only one that is unappealing to me. It’s regular and hex-shaped copper glitter in a very sheer orange base. I paired Copper Blaze with China Glaze Sunshine Pop:

It definitely looks better layered!

18 Bronze Fest:

Bronze Fest is gorgeous and it screams FALL! Bronze Fest is micro bronze and gold glitter, with hex-shaped bronze and gold glitter in a clear base. There are even some regular bronze glitters in this. It’s definitely one I’d add another coat to for opacity and wear alone! Gorgeous! I paired it with Nails Inc Chelsea here:

I like it layered – that’s just one coat! – but I love it more on its own!

19 My Superstar:

My Superstar is regular gold glitter, with blue, gold and red hex-shaped glitter in a clear base. It’s very super-hero-ish. Like Wonder Woman! I used My Superstar over Color Club Ruby Charms (an old Color Club!):

All I needed was X-ray vision or a lasso!

I did find Kleancolor Firework looks very similar to My Superstar:

Firework seems denser with the regular gold glitter than My Superstar.

20 Gold Glam:

Gold Glam is fine and slightly larger gold glitter, with diamond-shaped holographic glitter, in a clear base. I did have to work a little bit to get the diamonds on my fingers, but it wasn’t too bad, compared with other polishes where there’s big glitter pieces but not enough to get one in every brushful. I used Gold Glam over an old Revlon, Splashy:

Gold Glam complemented the golden duochrome of this polish perfectly!

And, this one is a dead-ringer for Sephora by OPI I Found a Pot of Gold!:

Save yourself mucho dinero with the Jordana polish!

21 Funky Gold Town:

Funky Gold Town is simple! It’s hex-shaped gold glitter in a clear base. Great for layering. Here it is over Nails Inc Black Taxi:

This is a night-out nail polish for sure!

23 Rhinestones:

Rhinestones is a mix of fine and small and round silver glitter, with some small gold glitter thrown in; all in a clear base. This looks like a dusting of glitter, gorgeous! I layered it over Ludrana Aurora Boreal Admiravel:

Very neat to see the duochrome of pink under this crushed-diamond finish!

24 Lunar Lights:

Lunar Lights is regular iridescent and hex-shaped iridescent glitter in a clear base. It’s a gorgeous top coat! I feel like iridescent is the wrong word. I want to call it an aurora borealis effect but that’s wrong too. There’s another name for this type of iridescent and I can’t put my finger on it. Anyway! I don’t doubt that there are other glitters like this out there, but I never tire of a top coat like this. It adds something to my manicure. Check this out. I paired Lunar Lights over Sephora by OPI Stop Stocking Me:

It is gorgeous over that purple! See what I mean – it just adds something special!

Overall, I love these glitters. Whether I do an accent finger, or a full mani, glitter always makes me happy. And like I said yesterday, I especially like it when we keep seeing new combinations of color. Thanks, Jordana!

The glitters in this post applied well, no real goopiness here. I’m happy with the Jordana bottle and brush, which is not too big and wide, and not too small and thin.

So now that you’ve seen all 18, what do you think of the new Jordana Glitters Specialty Nail Polish? Share your thoughts below!

Disclaimer: The Jordana Glitters Specialty Nail Polish collection was provided to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!