Jan 20 2012

Zoya Feel Collection

I’ll be honest. My first choice for a nail polish is not to grab a neutral. I like to live life in color.

But when I saw the Zoya Feel Collection, I felt like “neutral” took on new meaning. And I also felt ready for the soft, snowy-winter look that the Feel Collection has for me. I get worn out on anything if I wear too much of it, and December was a month dedicated to holiday reds, greens and metallics.

Let’s get to swatchin!


Kristen is described as a “gull gray” creme. It definitely popped as blue with my skin tone, but the first swatch is more real-life in how this color looked on the nail (as well as in the bottle). My favorite color is blue, so it’s only natural that this was my favorite of the collection!



Carey is described as a “periwinkle grey” creme. Grey has been a trendy color to sport for a while, in all shades from deep and dark to light and dusty. Carey is a good, January grey. Isn’t it almost like what the clouds look like right before or during a snowstorm? I could be crazy. But that’s what this reminds me of!


Kennedy is described as a “full French beige” creme. Doesn’t Zoya do beige and nude neutrals great? Total work appropriate color, but trendy at the same time.


Megan is described as a “taupe grey” creme. I only have one swatch photo of Megan. Not because I dislike her, but because I could never remember my darn camera during daylight hours and only took pics at night. I wore Megan for three days. I had tip wear but no chipping. How awesome is that?! I’m loving Zoya’s formula – it meshes well with my body chemistry.


Kendal is described as a “rose quartz beige” creme. I like the description, because it’s like someone added a bit of pink to Kennedy to lighten her up. This one is pretty, I love how light pink neutral colors look on me!


Avery is described as a “blonde beige” creme. Perhaps because I’m a natural blonde, with the fair skintone to show, is why this blonde beige creme didn’t really seem to go well with my coloring. But it’s still a nice pick for a neutral. I’d love to see this on darker skin tones.

Color Thoughts

This collection of neutrals is nice and … soft. I love that they are full coverage – these were opaque in two coats. I also appreciate the variations of grey and beige with rose, periwinkle and blue. I think it’s a well-rounded neutral collection.

Dupe Talk

I’m  having a hard time looking at this collection piece by piece to decide what might be dupes. Usually dupes stand out to me, and I’m sure there are polishes I could compare these with. But I am having trouble looking at them without the others complementing them! I do think that these muted, greyed-out colors are more common than say a year and a half ago, and you could likely find something similar to those picks in this collection, as well as the beige-based colors. Just don’t ask me what. ‘Cause right now I’m drawing blanks and too lazy to go figure it out in my stash (I’m getting back into a blogging routine…baby steps here…hehe)

Application Issues

I had no application issues with these cremes. Like I said – two coats to opacity, and they were dreamy cremes.

Additional Information

Each 0.5 fl oz polish in the Feel Collection retails for the SRP of $8. You can find the Zoya Feel Collection on the Zoya website (linked to in the second paragraph of this post). These have been available since November. I FINALLY have two stores in my area that carry Zoya – my Image Beauty and another beauty shop in my local, Deptford Mall (they have the big tall display of sooooo many colors!) – but I haven’t seen this collection in those stores yet.

Zoya polishes are free of harmful industrial chemicals like toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, resin, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) that are known to cause cancer and birth defects.

Final Thoughts

Like I said in the beginning of this post, neutrals are not my go-to. But I wore four of these in a row, enjoying the soft look of my nails even when the weather around me was harsh and cold. Kristen is my favorite, but I really enjoy looking at these as a collection. They’re so darn pretty!

What do you think of the Feel Collection? How do you feel about neutrals?

Disclaimer: The Zoya Feel Collection was provided to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!

  • http://www.sisisparkles.com SiSi Sparkles

    ohhh i am LOVING those! these will be great for spring and summer… thanks for those swatches!

    • http://beautyjudy.com BeautyJudy

      They will! They’re a bit evergreen in the sense that while they remind me of winter, they are really nonseasonal!

  • http://jeninjafer.blogspot.com Jen

    Great neutrals! My fave is Kristen too 🙂 And your surgery is on Monday, right? I wish you a smooth surgery and speedy recovery! ♥

    • http://beautyjudy.com BeautyJudy

      My surgery is on Monday, yes. Can’t believe it. Thank you so much for the well wishes!

  • carey

    I’m wearing Carey right now (guess why?). I really like the subtle purple. Be sure to follow Zoya on Facebook/Twitter for their giveaways and other promos!

    • http://beautyjudy.com BeautyJudy

      I was actually going to say that this polish bears the name of one of my cancer-awareness heros!!! I follow Zoya everywhere. I love the company, and Zoya herself is amazing!

  • Lucy

    How are you feeling You go for surgery soon don’t you. I guess your getting a bit nervous. You’ll be in my prayers. I order 2 of this collection when they’re was a special of 2 free polishes & pay for shipping. Also got my girlfriend to buy 2. Haven’t got them yet. I think I ordered the blue & grey. I didn’t think I wanted them but I do. Love Zoya.

    • http://beautyjudy.com BeautyJudy

      I’m feeling ok! My surgery is Monday! I’m more nervous about the needle than the surgery itself. It’s outpatient, so I’ll be home same-day. I totally missed out on the two free polishes and I am so angry. I have to place an order soon for more Remove +. Can’t live without it!!