Jan 24 2012

The Beauty Loser Weekly Update 1/24/2012

OK, I seriously lack in recent photos of myself. So I provide you the brochure I got for the surgery I had done yesterday – TA DA! *sigh* I am hoping to include a before/after shot next week. It’s about time for that, there’s definitely a difference!

Well, friends. It had to happen. I’ve had it pretty good so far but this week, I logged a gain on the scale.

I decided to think about my week a little bit and reflect on the choices I made. The truth is, because of my gall bladder, I haven’t really wanted to make poor eating decisions in over a month. I’d been avoiding fat like the plague so I didn’t have another attack before my surgery. So what happened? Here’s where I made bad choices:

I overate at meals.

Instead of a regular bowl of pho, I ate a large one. And I mean, I ATE it. Instead of one soft pretzel, I had two. And a half. Instead of the dressing mixed into my Salad Works salad, I asked for dressing on the side in addition to it, and I dumped the whole thing in there. Instead of one serving of cereal, I would eat at least double the serving size of both cereal and milk. I almost kicked a half gallon of fat free milk all by myself in one day!

You see, while I wasn’t eating foods that were bad for me, I was eating too much of the foods that are good for me (soft pretzels not included). I also didn’t meet my weekly goal of tracking my food in my weekly food journal. I stopped only one day into the new week.

Portion control is something I needed a refresher course on, so as I began the new week, I whipped out the measuring cups for the cereal and the milk, to help get back on track with how much I was eating.

Next week will not be a fair assessment of my weight loss journey. From what I understand, I may lose about 5 lbs having my gall bladder removed and I will likely not be eating normally for a couple days. The true test to my refresher on portion control will be the week that I am truly able to eat normally again, and make choices among anything I want.

The Stats

So, here’s my stats for the week:

Weight at start of the week: 200.2 lbs.

Weight at end of the week: 200.8 lbs.

That’s a total of 0.6 lbs gain, for a grand total of 19.4 lbs down!!! (I still celebrate, because I have still come so far!)

Goals for the coming week!

  • Recover from surgery

It’s as simple as that. I can’t put exercise or food goals into my week when my biggest job is to get back to 100%.

When you have a small set back or weakness in achieving your goals – whether it’s weight loss or something else – how do you approach it mentally? Do you let it get your down or pick yourself up and move on?

Have a good week! I’ve got posts prepped for the week, so enjoy while I am recovering!

  • http://paintedladyfingers.blogspot.com diana

    If you are struggling with portions, I would recommend a food scale and zip lock baggies. When I first started learning about portions, I would divide up snacks ahead of time to get a handle on it. I have 8 ounce teacups that I use for breakfast: one for cereal/oatmeal, one for 0% Greek yogurt. It’s like eating out of fancy measuring cups. 😉

    You are doing really well long term. A half pound difference one week to another doesn’t mean anything in terms of your overall success. 🙂

    Best of luck with recovery this week. I’m glad your kitty is on nursing duty. xoxo!

    • http://beautyjudy.com BeautyJudy

      Thanks for the tips! I normally do portion things. I live both quart and snack size baggies for fruits like raspberries and petite carrot sticks! I just went hog wild last week. Definitely nerves, but I definitely needed to remind myself that portion control = a must! And I need to be better about it with things like cereal and teaspoons of Nutella, for example!

  • Lucy

    I’m glad things went well. It wasn’t too bad of a setback, really. I think maybe your nerves played into your eating this week. You might not have thought you were eating emotionally but you were. I saw your post on FB about the cereal. I thought OMG! Too many carbs last week. When I see the amount you get to eat for cereal it discourged! I love to eat a big bowl of cereal. I can’t eat it but I still want it. Sometimes I just go ahead 7 eat what I want. I do get very disguisted with myself. When I don’t feel good then I know why. It’s so darn tough. All I think about is why do I have to have such an appetite? I love food so much & it’s really tough. I have to watch my carb intake because of being diabetic. Also the salt since I have high blood pressure & also salt sensistive. I stupidly eat things that are bad for me over & over again. It’s just a continuing struggle. Just don’t beat yourself up. When I had surgery way in the past, the doctor said not to diet during the healing process. Just eat good & not go crazy with the cereal!

    • http://beautyjudy.com BeautyJudy

      Without a doubt I had to have been emotionally eating. Last week leading up to surgery I was a basket case!

  • desertnails8

    Congrats on the successful surgery! How insightful it was to look back on the last month and figure out which habits to modify to eat more healthfully. Setbacks for me have been really hard in the past because I struggle with taking good care of myself and I drop those efforts with any sort of setback. So, I have changed my focus to caring for myself (instead of just having eating rules) and setting aside the time to actively the caring from planning and preparing meals to taking more time for grooming to spending daily time meditating. Best wishes to being back at 100% asap!

    • http://beautyjudy.com BeautyJudy

      Good for you that’s awesome! Sometimes all we need is a little self reflection to get us back on the right path! And thanks for the well wishes!