Nov 07 2011

The Beauty Loser Weekly Update 11/7/2011

Photo credit: Nichole S….Thanks!

Me, Week 3, pulling up my pants. Like a goofball.

So here we are, another week…another LOSS!

I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about for this update until Saturday night.

We went with another couple to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. I decided that since I have not come close to using my weekly PointsPlus allowance, and I could still keeping eating after having a small bowl of pho tai, that I would order the large bowl. A bowl of pho is 8 points, but I’m not sure if that’s for the small bowl or the large, so I counted my meal as 16 points. And I ate to my heart’s content, enjoying every bit of vermicelli, thinly sliced beef and yummy broth!

When I was done, I felt something I really hadn’t felt in a while, because I have been eating reasonably: STUFFED.

I definitely over ate pho.

One of our friends suggested we go for ice cream after pho. I figured, I’ll find something I can have, no worries. The four of us went to Friendly’s and pondered the menu in the booth. I couldn’t find Friendly’s in my Dining Out Companion book, so I looked it up online on my iPhone. I found nothing of interest to me with a points value less than 19.

These thoughts quickly went through my mind: “This sucks! I should have asked Mike if we could skip Friendly’s…but we’re having such a good time with our friends! I don’t want to not have ice cream when everyone else is. But I don’t want to waste my points. And if I don’t order, are they going to cajole me into ordering? Are THEY going to feel uncomfortable that I’m not eating? Is this going to be totally awkward?!”

I realized quickly that I had to make the decision based on how I felt and not anyone else. No ice cream for me. I was already stuffed from overeating, and even though I don’t typically use all my weekly allowance, I didn’t want to use them all on ice cream the first night of a new week.

I choose a cup of black coffee with a Splenda, and when we got home, my stomach in a much more comfortable place, I had a Jell-O pudding snack – creme brulee-flavored rice pudding with fat free Cool Whip, as a sugar-free reward (with only 2 points) for navigating and feeling totally happy with my decision not to order ice cream!

At the end of the night, I only used about 8 of my weekly allowance points and 2 of my exercise points. And when I made the decision not to order, my friends did look at me and say “are you sure? Really?” but they didn’t try to cajole me into and we all continued to have a nice night with good conversation!

I’m glad I didn’t ask Mike if we could beg off from going. I shouldn’t feel like I can’t go places and have fun with friends just because I’m not sure I want to eat ice cream. We don’t hang out with this couple often, and it’s always a good time when we do!

Bottom line, and the lesson I learned this week? You have to be selfish a little bit, and make decisions for yourself, even if it might not be the decision that is most comfortable for everyone else. I know we all have those relatives who try to feed you and give you beverages when you go to visit – and you know they will act or be offended if you don’t take that cookie or glass of lemonade. That makes the holidays hard for someone trying to lose weight! But you need to do what’s best for you! If you don’t want to eat ice cream, you shouldn’t feel like you have to for ANY reason. Don’t order something just because you will feel left out.


This week my biggest success was the above. But also:

  • Friday, the pants I wore felt loser. I was constantly pulling my pants up throughout the day. It wasn’t obnoxious, but it was enough where it made me pause and say, Hmm. I might not be able to see it but there are subtle changes happening to my body and I think I’m feeling them right now!
  • I exercised four times this week, including twice by getting up before work and hitting the gym!

This past week:

  • I succumbed to Halloween candy. I ate about one piece a day. It was my time of the month, and my resistance was weak. But, I guess, at least I didn’t eat more than I did!
  • I did not drink as much water as I should be drinking
  • I over ate during a meal. Not a big deal, don’t kick myself, but it’s uncomfortable. I like the healthier habits I’ve been developing that have me feeling satisfied and not stuffed after I eat!
The Stats

 Here’s how I did, by the numbers!

Weight at start of the week 2: 216.6 lbs.

Weight at end of the week 2: 215.4 lbs.

That’s a total of 1.2 lbs down, and brings my total weight loss so far to 4.8 lbs.

Goals for Week 3!
  • Continue to follow the WW plan.
  • Exercise at least four times this week.
  • Try to drink at least six glasses of water a day.

How was your week – weight loss or other goal-oriented? Did you make a decision for yourself this week, for you, like I did for me?

  • Lucy

    That’s one wonderful week that you had! Congrats on the weight loss. I lost 5 lbs one weeks= and then last week I gained 7lbs! I’m very salt sensitive so that was some water weight gain also. I’ve been hitting the Halloween candy also. One piece a day is just fine. My problem is over eating. When I have more pain that usual, I really over eat. Also if I don’t get much sleep. Then I’m constantly looking for something to chew on. Great decision you made regarding the ice cream. Everything I’ve read says to really listen to your body. Slow down while your eating & you’ll realize that your full. I just have to listen to myself! Hope I do better this week but I don’t know. Not really been watching my food intake. So proud of you. Keep up the wonderful work.

  • PolishPig

    Go girl!!

    Exactly the right response, you don’t have to eat anything you don’t want to. Your friends will get used to the new approach, don’t worry. I know it feels good to take control over the situation, doesn’t it? I rarely eat cakes, desserts or sweets any longer, and my friends and family don’t bat an eye about it. Good luck on your journey!

  • Jen F


  • kathy geiser

    That’s great! I joined ww about a year and a half ago. It was one I’d the beat decisions I’ve ever made. I lost 35 pounds and have kept it off. I have faltered on tracking lately but got back on track last week. It’s the beat weight loss plan out there. Keep up the great work! And you handled the situation perfectly at friendlys. 🙂

  • Erin S

    You are doing AMAZING!!! Don’t beat yourself up about the Halloween candy. 1 piece a day is extremely reasonable and if you are satisfying cravings without going over board, you are still on track!

    Great job!!!