Oct 12 2011

Jordana Squeeze N’ Shine Super Shiny Tasty Lip Gloss

Jordana Cosmetics has released three new shades in its Squeeze N’ Shine Super Shiny Tasty Lip Gloss line!

These glosses are true to their name – super shiny and tasty, for sure! Today I have six to share with you, including the three new shades – Sugar Lips, Berry Cute and Strawberry Icing.

About Squeeze N’ Shine

The Squeeze N’ Shine line, made in the USA, promises moisturizing, transparent tint and shimmer, according to Jordana. The tube has a slanted tip applicator that is a very soft plastic:

Each tube contains .5 fl oz. of gloss, and they retail for $1.99 each. You can purchase them at Walgreens, or through the Jordana web site (link in the first sentence of post).


I swatched each of the six I have – there are 12 shades total in the line – on the back of my hand. These glosses are much more sheer than they may appear here:

From left to right: Clear, Strawberry Icing (new), Honey Luau, Berry Cute (new), Be Coralful and Sugar Lips (new).

And, lip swatches!


Clear is, well, clear! And smells sweet, like candy.

Berry Cute:

Berry Cute is a transparent berry. It smells very lightly of berry.

Be Coralful:

Be Coralful is a sheer coral with multi-colored sparkle – I see coral and purple glitters in the formula! It smells like a fruity sweet scent. I can’t tell what kind!

Strawberry Icing:

Strawberry Icing is described as a soft pink with white sparkle on the Jordana web site, but the tube I have is a creamy, transparent soft pink. It smells like strawberry. The design of the tube I have is slightly different from the other tubes I received, and also from the design of the tubes on the web site. So, I may have tested an older version of this one.

Honey Luau:

Honey Luau is a beige with white and golden sparkle. It smells like a vanilla honey.

Sugar Lips:

Sugar Lips is probably the gloss with the most pigmentation that I’ve tried, although it is still a sheer hot pink shimmer with pink sparkles. It smells sweet like candy.


I wore a couple of these glosses last week, and can attest to the fact that they are super shiny!

The texture is a bit of a thicker, tackier gloss, the kind that seems to get tackier as it wears off.

The wear time is only for about an hour or so – it’s definitely a gloss I reapplied multiple times during the work day.

Also, the scent wears off pretty quickly.

My favorites are Honey Luau, Sugar Lips and Be Coralful! Here’s a full-face shot of me wearing Honey Luau:

For $1.99, they aren’t a bad choice if you don’t mind a tacky gloss, and you don’t mind reapplication throughout the day or during whatever time you are wearing it. They also come in a great variety of types – shimmery, sparkley and creamy flat colors.

Also – these glosses are a nice touch over a base color lipstick!


I have a few random thoughts on how this gloss compares to others, based on experimenting with my gloss stash!

  • Squeeze N’ Shine seems comparable in tackiness to Wet n’ Wild Glassy Gloss (when tested on the back of my hand).
  • Philosophy lip glosses and MAC Lip Gelees are less tacky than Squeeze N’ Shine.
  • The scent of my Bath and Body Works Lip Licious gloss (in peanut butter and jelly!) lasts longer than the scent of Squeeze N’ Shine.
  • These are $1 less than Wet N’ Wild Glassy Gloss and NYC New York Color Kiss Gloss.

So what about you – do you care whether your gloss is tacky, or whether you have to reapply it? Have you tried any of the Squeeze N’ Shine glosses from Jordana yet? Share your thoughts below!

Disclaimer: The Jordana Squeeze N’ Shine Super Shiny Tasty Lip Glosses were sent to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!

  • Lucy

    These aren’t very pigmented at all. This is good so I won’t be tempted to buy them all! I have a bunch of Juicy Tubes from Lancome. Also a ton from NYX. I have way too much gloss. Just can’t help myself. I do like the ones with the shimmer in them.