Jordana EasyLiner for Lips Mechanical Lip Liner

I am pretty sure that Kim Mathers has permanently scarred me in regards to wearing lip liner.

But I received samples of Jordana EasyLiner for Lips Mechanical Lip Liner, and as a beauty blogger, I realized I had to do the right thing and take it for a test drive. I had to overcome my fear of the lip liner, for the sake of and you, the reader! (hehe – I know, I get dramatical).

Don’t they all look pretty? And innocent? (except when used in the wrong, heavy hands…*insert evil laugh*)

They look nice swatched:

From left to right: Sedona Red, Plush Plum, Cabernet, Silver Lilac, Baby Berry, Tawny, Coco Loco, Terra Kiss and Rock N’ Rose.

Check out the tip:

EasyLiner for Lips, made in the USA, has a retractable tip, with no need for sharpening. A couple things I noticed during my “test drive” of these liners is that for one, they don’t pull too much on the skin. Second, they are well pigmented.

Check out the first one I wore, Coco Loco, with Jordana EasyShine Glossy Lip Color in Sugar Cookie:

When I do use lip liner (I’m really not all that scared of it) I tend to color in a bit more than just the outside line, to blend it with the lip product and make it less noticeable as a liner. I also try not to take it too far outside my natural lip line, because that’s as obnoxious as the dark liner/light gloss combo. The two colors here were natural together, and I totally dig how defined my lips look.

Jordana says that EasyLiner for Lips offers all-day wear. This was untrue for me. This lip look lasted from 7:30/ 8 a.m. until I went to lunch between 11:30/noon. Both the gloss and the lip liner faded; the EasyShine gloss was practically all gone. I had varying shades of Coco Lococ lining my lips, and I needed a touch-up. On the positive, I didn’t look as scary as I feared I would. I wasn’t walking around with a ring around my lips.

Here’s another look I did, using lip liner in Tawny, and Jordana LipShine Glaze Brush-On Gloss in Mochaccino:

For this combo, I used the gloss first, and then filled out the outside of my lips with Tawny – it’s a much more subtle look for the liner and the liner kind of mixes with the gloss. The whole lip look wore off together through the morning I wore it.

Lip liner actually makes a lot of sense for me, because my upper lip is thin, and needs a little drawing out. At $1.99, these are a good way to fill out my pucker!

Oh, and just for kicks, and to warn you that you should NEVER wear your lip liner like this:

Horrific lips using EasyLiner for Lips in Cabernet, and Jordana LipShine Glaze Brush-On Gloss in Pina Colada.

Don’t even do this for Halloween, friends. Please. Think of the children.

So, what do you think of these lip liners, and lip liners in general?! Share in the comments below!

Disclaimer: The Jordana EasyLiner for Lips Mechanical Lip Liners and other Jordana products mentioned were sent to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!