Color Club It’s a Hit!

 I was going to do the Backstage Pass collection in a review post, but I’m having so much fun with layering and getting so many compliments on each one that I can’t help it, I have to dedicate a post to each one of these sparkling beauties that I can get to!

It’s a Hit! is clear base loaded with purple sequin glitters. I used it over China Glaze Agent Lavendar in a recent mani! Check out pics!

You know how when you order an ice cream cone and you ask for jimmies (in other parts of the land, they’re called “sprinkles”), and the clerk rolls the ice cream in the chocolate or rainbow jimmies and then hands you the cone? I feel like I rolled my fingers in It’s a Hit! just like that!

I did two coats of It’s a Hit! At first I didn’t like the look but I quickly loved how sparkly this was!

The way the light plays off the sequins, they look like they are waved, but they are flat. I was surprised how flat the mani was with a layer of top coat over it. My nails didn’t catch on my clothes.

Removal is tough. As to be expected with any gorgeous glitter. My favorite method is acetone and felt, but I usually just take my time and use acetone and cotton balls.

I bought the Backstage Pass Collection from Trans Design, but I don’t see it up there anymore. I did see it on Victoria Nail Supply. It’s a Hit! looks like it’s out of stock there right now.

So what do you think of It’s a Hit! ? Is it just another purple glitter, or a rock star that makes you want to be a groupie?! Share in the comments below!