Candy Corn is My Favorite Halloween Candy!

I hadn’t given much thought to Halloween, what with fall starting and breast cancer awareness upon us. But I decided that it was high-time I did some nail art, and that it should be Halloween related!

I got it in my head that I wanted to do candy corn, so I choose to make my digits look like sweet, sugary bits!

I used Sinful Colors Unicorn for the yellow base, OPI Flit a Bit for the orange middle and OPI Mani Ways to Help (more on this polish after the photos) for the white tip. I wanted a sparkly white, not a plain white, to reflect how sugary it tastes and how tingly it feels when I pop that first piece of candy corn in my mouth and start chewing!

I didn’t think it turned out bad, and I was shy that I received so many compliments throughout the day!

Not much else to say about this mani except I did one coat of each color, then a second, all freehand, and sealed it up with top coat. It took a bit longer than a usual polish change, but I was really happy with the results!

So, now that we’ve gotten a visual sugar rush, what about that sparkly white polish, you might be asking?!

OPI Mani Ways To Help

While shopping at Ulta couple weeks ago, I found this OPI bottle with a little tag on it (see first photo above) that said “OPI <3 DKMS.” I had no idea what DKMS was, but there’s a website listed on the tag: Immediately, I thought, it must have to do with getting people to go get tested for HIV/AIDS.

Knowing what they say about “assuming,” and because I’m curious, I Googled “DKMS” and “OPI.” I found this article on OPI’s supportive, fundraising polishes for DKMS, which is “Bone Marrow Donor Center.” The tag on Mani Ways To Help says, “proceeds from this custom OPI nail lacquer will be donated to DKMS. ” It doesn’t say how much.

According to its website, DKMS is an organization dedicated to recruiting bone marrow donors for patients with leukemia. I have no idea why OPI didn’t publicize this more, or send out a press release. If they did, I missed it. But I usually see them all. Anyway, there were two polishes, reflecting the main colors of DKMS, and they retail for $8.50. The article above said they were for sale in August and September.

Did you happen to see the DKMS polishes? Pick the red or white one up? Not only did some of my money go towards the cause, but I learned a bit more about bone marrow donation, and why it’s important. I do hope you’ll click and read that article about the DKMS/OPI collaboration!

Before I sign off – what do you think of those candy corn nails? Do you have a sweet tooth?! What’s YOUR favorite Halloween candy!? Share in the comments below!