Sep 06 2011

Deborah Lippmann Brick House

Have you ever bought a nail polish based on its name?


Although I didn’t necessarily buy Deborah Lippmann’s Brick House because of the name, The Commodore’s song, “Brick House,” is one of my favs, and the name certainly would have swayed me in the direction of buying it were it not such a pretty brick red shimmer!

So let’s see how “mighty, mighty” this polish is, “just lettin’ it all hang out,” shall we?!

Brick House looks like such a smooth, rusty red shimmer in the bottle that I was a bit disappointed there were some brush strokes after I applied it.

The color is pretty; I’d probably enjoy it more if it weren’t for those brush strokes. This is so untypical of a Deborah Lippmann polish, I can’t help but wonder if I got a fluke. The brush strokes don’t kill the color for me, and I’ve had MUCH more brush-strokey polishes than this one. But I am a bit bummed.

Brick House retails for $16. You can find it at Barneys New York, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and online at I bought mine at Nordstrom.

What do you think of Brick House? Did you pick it up? Am I going crazy with those brush strokes, or would they bother you a bit, too?

  • Gena

    The name is the ONLY thing I like about this one(I like that song too), sorry! : ( Yes, the brush strokes bother me. The frostiness and the price also bother me! For that price it should be lovely. What a shame! I hope that the other two DLs being released for fall are better.

  • Lucy

    I have to stop myself from ordering polishes based on my love of the song. It’s tough! As soon as I read the title the music started playing in my head. Shame this isn’t really anything special. The brush strokes don’t bother me too much. The price bothers me more!