Aug 23 2011

The Beauty Loser Weekly Update 2

Look using Wet N’ Wild Dancing in the Clouds trio shadow palette from Dream Weavers collection. Review post coming later this week!

This last week was quite the practice in having an eating routine, and trying to work in a bit of exercise! And the result? Mild success!

I religiously brought my lunch to work each day, including healthy snacks and meals. Mike and I went grocery shopping Monday night.

Dinner continues to be a challenge for us. We cooked whole grain pasta, hot italian sausage and marinara sauce Tuesday night, but ate cereal for dinner the next two nights (fat free milk, Grape Nuts and a banana for me!). I couldn’t even tell you what we did the other nights.

I’d like to plan better for dinner, so I know how my day should/will look overall. I eat conservatively during the day, and have so many calories left to eat at night.

Friday night I was faced with a challenge. I had bought tons of snacks for the Thirty-one party I hosted, but while I tried to pick out things my friends and family might like, I also picked up some healthy options. I didn’t eat dinner so that I could graze among the snacks and I was busy being a hostess, so it worked out well! I wasn’t hungry, and I also got to enjoy sampling everything!

 I did feel guilty, however, when I grazed on the leftover chocolate pudding cake Saturday. That night, after eating a chunk of it, I tossed the 3/4 full cake into the trash. I can’t deal with the temptation. If it’s there, I WILL eat it. At least I can admit that.

I also mentioned I started exercising. I started walking 15 minutes a day at lunch time. I can give you excuses, but I won’t. I didn’t walk Thursday, Friday or Saturday. But I felt GREAT walking Monday-Wednesday, and I’m not giving up!

With that snapshot of the week, here’s the stats!

Weight at start of week 2: 217 lbs.

Weight at end of week 2:  215.2 lbs.

That’s a loss of 1.8 lbs!!! That brings my total weight loss since 8/8/2011 to 3.2 lbs!!

Strengths this week:

  • Ate healthy everyday!
  • Succeeded in starting to get in some activity.
  • Drank more water.
  • I tried to eat only until I was full.


  • Ate chocolate pudding cake a little ashamedly on Saturday and Friday night!
  • Didn’t eat three meals a day.
  • Didn’t exercise all five days I had hoped to.

My goals for week 3 are simple!

  • Exercise every day during the week – if not walking, then go to the gym.
  • Keep packing healthy lunches.
  • Cook dinner at least three times this week!

So there you go! Another week, another loss! How are you doing? What did you succeed at this week? Is there something you want to improve on? Share in the comments below!

  • Alice

    Wow! you reached amazing goals! 3.2 lbs!! 🙂 🙂 I’m proud of you! really!”

  • Krystal S.

    YAY CONGRATS! I need to figure out some kind of workout – I really want to go swimming!

  • Lucy

    Congrats on your weight loss. Every bit counts! You should always eat dinner before a party. Sometimes you might be really tempted and hungry. Very easy to eat the wrong thing. Not a good week for me. I lost 10 lbs the week before. Weighed last Friday and gained it back. I have a big problem with water retention. This week I’m sick and I’ve had Chinese food twice. Love hot & sour soup when I’m sick. Gets the sinuses going. I’m eating pizza tonight. I call it earthquake comfort food. That was really something. Did you feel it? I can’t imagine the horror of the Japanese earthquake. Hope with both have a better week coming up!

  • Julia

    First of all: I LOVE YOUR MAKE-UP!!!!!
    My week could’ve been better; was running only 2x which wasn’t enough (then, it’s so difficult to work out all the time in this unbearable heat). But I did great on these two runs. My dinner consisted of huge amounts of rice and vegetables. This stuff works for some days, but after a while you can’t see, smell and taste it anymore! Have to try new things…..
    Good luck for the next week, you’re doing so great!!!!