Cosmoprof Sneak Peek: Duri Cosmetics

In a visit to New York City in January or February of 2010, I strolled into a drug store called Gideon’s. After rummaging through a really, really cheap clearance box of Lancome lipsticks and other makeup, I got in line and saw a big display of Duri Cosmetics nail polish on the checkout counter.

I picked up two polishes, which I swatched here, called Rags to Riches and Golden Palace. Impressed by what I’d purchased, I was happy to order some of the Spring/Summer 2010 collection, which I swatched here. Needless to say, I’ve been pleased with what I’ve tried from the brand.

When I saw Duri was one of the vendors at Cosmoprof, I highlighted the name. I had to check out their booth and say hi!

David, one of the owners who told me the company has been around for 20 years, told me that their flagship product is Rejuvacote, a $14 treatment for damaged nails. This product is said to “heal and cure your split, cracked and acrylic-destroyed nail in a matter of weeks,” according to the web site. It’s even won an Allure Editor’s Choice Award. I’ve been using Seche Rebuild for my peeling nails, but I’m wondering about this now!

Duri also makes Miracote, a $7  top coat that is thinner in formula than other top coats, so there’s no need to worry it’s going to thicken after a few uses! Duri does make a thicker top coat for those with a preference, and it’s called Brush n’ Go.

Finally, David showed me Drop n’ Go Polish Dry Spray. I thought this was neat, kinda a different take on drops. You spray this on your nails instead of drops, when you want to dry your mani!:

It’s a small bottle, and very easy to manage – which is important because if you’re trying to dry wet nails you don’t want to mess one up! Duri does make the drops, too.

Moving on from treatments to polish, Duri also has a line of crackle polishes it calls Krakl:

These are available on the Duri website for $9 a bottle. The folks at Duri have even created combo sets for $14 – they pair a Krakl with one of their polishes and sell them together!

For fall, Duri is releasing the Wine Tasting Party collection, which should be available mid-August:

The one that stood out the most to me was Grape Swirl:

Grape Swirl is a dusty, blue-tinted light purple shimmer, if I recall it correctly. Click that pic to enlarge!

From Duri’s regular line, this polish caught my eye, too – Kingdom of Shadows:

Kingdom of Shadows is a vampy, shimmery purple with a teal green duo. It reminds me a little bit of the HTF Maybelline Express Finish Vanishing Venus.

I would definitely recommend you to check out Duri’s website! They have a lot of great colors, and the prices aren’t bad.

Oh, and before I sign off. David also mentioned a plumping lip gloss line called Lush Lips (there are six colors). I did not get a picture of the display but wanted to mention as it is available online and it’s one of their new products. Each lip gloss is $24.99. I have not tried the lip gloss, so I am not sure how quality is comparable to the price.

Have you ever tried Duri before? What do you think of a wine tasting-themed collection for fall? Share you comments below!