Cosmoprof Sneak Peek: American Interanational Industries (IE, China Glaze!)

One of the booths I encountered at Cosmoprof that I could have spent an hour in was the American International Industries booth.

AII not only creates China Glaze, they put out Poshe. They put out Seche Vite. They do the It’s So Easy Stripe Rite nail art lacquers I love to buy at Sally’s Beauty. And they do Ardell lashes. And that’s just to name a few product lines!!

I’ll start off with the “what’s coming” from China Glaze, because if you’re anything like me – and I know you must be a bit, because you’re reading a polish and beauty blog right now! – you want to see glitter first, the rest later!

First, let’s talk Halloween, shall we? This year’s China Glaze offering includes a glow-in-the-dark top coat with an improved formula:

I’d click to enlarge the pic, so you can see the purple and other colors in there. The sales manager who walked with me and explained the products told me she thinks this one will be hot from the collection (which also includes the black Crackle Glaze lacquer):

It reminds me of last year’s Zombie Zest!

You won’t have to wait long to see it in person. Haunting will probably start shipping in another couple weeks!

Next up is something I am absolutely flipping out over. The Eye Candy collection of 3D glitters. Behold:

PLEASE, I beg of you to click and enlarge these, to see how pretty they are! I’m really feeling almost all of them. Not sure about the gold. Will have to see that on the nail! But, oh my. Glittergasm! The best part is that these will be coming in September!!

Not to be outdone, holiday will come along soon, and bring 12 new shades:

Obviously these aren’t all 12 shades. But here they are swatched on a nail wheel:

Here’s a glimpse at one of the gift packs some of the polishes will come in. This particular set includes a wine stopper – what a nice gift for the sophisticated (or wino!) friend!

It won’t be long after holiday that we’ll be looking towards spring, right? China Glaze is looking to give us bright creme pops of color, paired with the repromote Techno glitter for the ElectroPop spring 2012 collection:

If you click to enlarge, you can see that glitter peeking out from behind the green!

While we were discussing products, somehow we got onto cuticle care. The sales manager, Linda, told me that some nail techs like to use Fruitique Beauty by Nature lotions and products for nail care. Here’s what they look like:

That there is a crappy pic. And unfortunately so is this one, a bit blurry:

Pic might be blurry but wow, does that container hold something pretty cool! This new body scrub in the Fruitique line is coming to Sally’s in January of 2012, and I will be going to get it, because it smells and looks like raspberry jam, seriously! Check it out:

Oh my gosh, I wanted to scoop some out and try it, it looked so yummy!

Now that I’m thoroughly craving toast, butter and raspberry jam – all being eaten with gorgeous glitter on my digits – I’m going to sign off. But what do you think of China Glaze’s upcoming collections? Anything pique your interest?! Share in the comments below!!