Cult Nails – Captivated, Iconic and Living Water

Hi ya’all!

Holy HOTness. It’s been 100 degrees here in the Dirty Jerz. I was even starting to think of:

But then I quickly realized how much more I hate the snow than the heat…although I don’t need to carry my inhaler around in winter like I do this week!

Anyway! Do you spy the Cult Nails polish sitting in my front door “Welcome” sign?! Today’s post focuses on Captivated, from Cult Nails’ spring offering, but I haven’t done a proper review of the brand, and I figured I might throw in a couple other photos from two other polishes I’ve worn from the brand since eariler this year! I have worn Captivated, Iconic, Living Water and Quench, but I don’t have photos of Quench as I put it on my feet and really, who needs to see my nasty feet in summer? Ew. Trust me. You’re better off.

I haven’t done the review I’ve been wanting to because a) I’m lazy and b) I had hoped to review the inaugural Cult Nails collection altogether but I haven’t worn them all yet. I also own Let Me Fly, Always Winning (these two from spring) and My Kind of Kool Aid (the hold-out from the inaugural collection) but they’re in my untrieds-to-be-worn/swatched box!

Here’s where the review kicks in!

The thing is, I love the formula, and the wear, so much so that I hold onto these polishes for the PERFECT day to wear them. Other brands I do this with are: Chanel, Nfu Oh, Nars, some China Glaze, OPI and Zoya. In other words, I am VERY much enamored by these, and don’t want to waste them on a day when I am not going anywhere. Or a day that doesn’t need a special polish. I don’t want to just swatch them, I want to wear them! My fellow fanatics – ya’all feel me on this?! I know you know what I’m saying! LOL

I chose to wear Captivated yesterday because of a couple of reasons. It’s been insanely hot and humid here. I wanted to wear a jelly. But I couldn’t wear plain. I had an all-day work meeting off site, and I wanted sparkle. I plucked Captivated out of my stash and thought, “PERFECT!”

The reason why I gave Cult Nails a shot to begin with eariler this year was because of the rave reviews on other blogs. From what I understand, Maria, the owner, was a blogger who realized her dream of creating polishes. The support she received in the community among those who knew her and loved her and raved about her products really drove me to purchase the first four polishes she offered:

(The flash really washed out and changed the color of these bottles, but you get the idea)

Before I even got my polishes, I got an email from Cult Nails – at the time, there was a promo for buy three get one free. I didn’t know this when I ordered. The company went out of its way to say hey, you can get one free, you know! I thanked the emailers, and added Quench to my order. The items shipped quickly, and as I noticed with the second order I placed, there are cotton balls in the package. How resourceful is that? I use the polishes and I can take it off with the cottonballs that come protecting them! Very green, as green as nail polish removing can be 🙂

I’m prattling on and on. How about I get to some swatches?!


(I’m going to show you how it looks on short nails and active length nails, as I busted two nails on my left hand that were splitting…nails I tried to save but in the end, could not be saved. I could not bring myself to cut off the nails on the other hand…so now I can show both lengths!)

Captivated is a gorgeous fiery jelly with tons of sparkly glitter that glows golden, purple, red, even green…it’s absolutely gorgeous. It was a little thick, but not enough to put thinner in it. I only used two coats and was happy with the coverage. With a coat of Seche Vite over it, I was suprised how smooth the manicure was. Removal was not as tough as other glitters, I did use acetone and cottonballs but didn’t put more than mild elbow grease into taking it off. It wore great for one day with no chips.

Now, swatches from earlier this year! Living Water:

Living Water is a gorgeous murky, deep blue with teal sparkle. I loved how this one looked in the light!


I would click to enlarge any of these pics for details!

Iconic was the polish I most wanted from Cult Nails when I placed my first order – an opaque color with flakies?! YES PLEASE! That and it’s such a gorgeous shade of pink, with a touch of golden shimmer to it. This did not disappoint, and I was like the papparazzi in March, taking pics of this manicure LOL.

I am definitely as interested in Cult Nails’ collections as I am in many major brands. In fact, I was reading the Cult Nails blog the other day, and Maria showed a swatch of one of her winter shades, called Time Traveler, and asked readers what colors they think two of the other polishes will be, based on their names. Very cool.  And although I don’t really know her, only from limited Tweets and email re: CosmoProf, I am very much looking forward to meeting her in Las Vegas (in 8 days!!) at CosmoProf! I’m honored to get to meet her and several other popular bloggers that I turn to for reviews, great swatches and Twitter talk! I have a feeling this is going to be a BLAST.

Anyway, Maria’s reputation – and quality product – precede her. And if you haven’t checked out Cult Nails, you really should. The fall collection is on pre-sale now for $30! I could have sworn I had a press release with a photo in it, but I just searched both my email accounts and can not find it. Oh well. If you go to the site, you will see the polishes!

So, what do you think of Cult Nails – have you tried the brand?

Also, what do you think of the short and long nail swatches? Do you like the comparison of seeing how a polish looks on both in the same post?

TGIF, friends!!!