Revlon Just Tinted Nail Polishes

 I love the name of Revlon’s lip stains – Just Bitten. When I passed a display at  Rite Aid that contained a few new Just Bitten shades, and saw coordinating nail polish called “Just Tinted,” I smiled a lil bit. And I promptly put all four of them in my basket!

These polishes are like colored, cloudy jellies. They’re hazy and shiny and pretty, and here we go, swatches!


Desire is a fuschia pink.


Victorian looks like a watermelon or coral jelly.


Dawn is sorta caught between orange and a muted burnt sienna jelly.


Mystical is a plum jelly!

All four of these are juicy! They weren’t opaque, but they were mighty colorful and covering in three coats. I think Mystical and Dawn are pretty unique in my collection of jellies.

I had no application issues with these beauties. They went on well, and you can see they are very glossy without top coat! I think the sheer, color-packing jelly is a great trend right now, and these four polishes are my favorite representatives!

I meant to save the receipt to tell you how much they were, but I can’t find the darn thing! My apologies!

Bottom line is that these are an A+ in my book, and I don’t even like polishes that show VNL. There’s just not much to say other than I love them!

Did you pick any of these up? What do you think?!