Kleancolor Chunky Holo Clover

I debated what to pair with Kleancolor Chunky Holo Clover for a few minutes. A dark polish? Like a hunter or forest green? Or a light green? I will definitely revisit this paired with a dark polish, but the first time I wore it I paired it with Avon Color Trend Ice Sheers polish in Refreshing Pear.

Chunky Holo Clover has so much going on – green, orange and gold multi-color glitter – it’s more like multi-chromatic glitter! I used three coats of Refreshing Pear, with two coats of Clover.

These Chunky Holo polishes are like glitter versions of Nfu Oh flakies! It’s amazing!

All day I kept getting tiny flashes of the orange, especially in the sun. It was really pretty. And, I have to say, that first pic, of my fingers around the steering wheel? My favorite! Wow, I can NOT believe how great my nails are doing. Credit for that goes to Zoya Remove + and Seche Rebuild!!!

I ordered Chunky Holo Clover from the Kleancolor website for $3.49. There is no where around me that sells Kleancolor, as best I know, and I know I’ve seen polish fans picking the brand up for a bit cheaper than the web site. But I’m happy to pay the price for this kind of quality effect and color pay off 🙂

Thanks for stopping by guys! What do you think of Chunky Holo Clover?!