Icing Is Trying To Be #winning?

Somehow I doubt that when Charlie Sheen was giving TV interviews and appearing to melt down, and trending with #winning on Twitter, that he envisioned nail polish to bear names after his most popular quotes.

But, here we are. Love the inspiration or not, these Icing glitters are quite Goddess-like 🙂

Swatches, shall we?!

Epic Winning:

A close-up:

A blurry pic to show the glitz:

Epic Winning is a gorgeous dark blue and holographic glitter. I could not stop taking pictures of it – it’s so pretty. This is only two coats. I think a third would do the trick and it would be pretty opaque!

Rock Star From Mars:

Rock Star From Mars is irridescent glitter in a pale blue jelly base. The formula is a bit thick. It’s pretty and I would prefer to use this as a top coat over a similarly-toned blue, especially because of my nail stains. But right now, with such demand for jellies, this would look nice on its own in three coats, perhaps, or shorter, unstained nails.

Tiger’s Blood:

Tiger’s Blood is a red jelly packed with golden irridescent and holographic glitter, and slightly larger red glitter pieces. This is two coats, and there is no VNL.

Well, according to Charlie Sheen, “you’re either in my corner or you’re with the trolls.” I’d rather be with these three beauties than hanging out with troll-like polishes, so I’m sold. Haha 🙂

If you’d like to refresh your memory of some Charlie Sheen gems, click here. If you’d like to check out these polishes, I purchased them buy one get one half off at Icing in May. I hope they still have some!

What do you think of these polishes, or of their names?!