Chanel Mimosa

Last week I shared my polish purchase regret: Chanel Beige Petale. It wouldn’t be fair to just share the only polish of the three that was a fail for me! I want to show you the ones that made up for that fail, too!

Chanel Mimosa, a buzzed-about yellow for summer and star of the summer Collection Les Fleurs D’ete de Chanel, is a lively shimmer that I love. It’s one of those polishes I’m holding onto to wear for the perfect day (which will probaby be a random day!)

Mimosa is pretty opaque in two coats. I’ll be honest – I swatched this in April, I think, and I actually am not sure if it’s two coats or three. I remember application being nothing out of the ordinary, if not a little thick (but managable).

Did you pick up Mimosa? What do you think of the yellow polish trend for this summer?!