May 17 2011

NYC New York Color Expert Last Nail Polish

NYC New York Color has introduced a new line of polishes called Expert Last Nail Polish. The line features:

  • UV Inhibitor to protect color fading.
  • Strengthening minerals – a blend of iron and calcium meant to give nails a smooth, chip-resistant surface and to strengthen by up to 50% in about five days.
  • Pro-vitamin B5, to help nails grow 40% longer in about five days.
  • Precision flat brush, which is slightly smaller than the Sally Hansen CSM and Xtreme Wear brushes, almost like a “just right” in between regular thin brushes and wide brushes.
  • 14 colors, including: Perpetual Peony, Timeless Tangerine, I <3 NY, Midnight Amethyst, Cotton Candy, Lingering Lingerie, Gramercy Glitz (these preceding ones are the 7 I have to share with you today!), and Platinum Card, Longtime Lavendar, Late Night Lilac, Hint of Mist, Lemon Creme, Teal Til the End and Persistent Putty.

Onto swatches – and be warned, this is a pic heavy post!

I <3 NY:

I <3 NY is a vibrant red creme. This one, Perpetual Peony and Timeless Tangerine, the other cremes of the seven I tried, have fantastic like-a-hot-knife-through-butter application and are opaque in two coats! They are also super glossy!

Timeless Tangerine:

Timeless Tangerine is a bright fiery orange!

Perpetual Peony:

Perpetual Peony is a bright bubble gum pink creme!

Midnight Amethyst:

Midnight amethyst is a dark purple shimmer – it’s more blurple in these photos than it is in real life! It was hard to capture its true color, as with most pretty purples!

Lingering Lingerie:

Lingering Lingerie is a light pink frost with a slight blue flash. I had some mild brush stroking with this one.

Cotton Candy:

Cotton Candy is a frosty pink. This one was probably my least favorite, because it was very brush-strokey.

Gramercy Glitz – this one I’ll show you over some of the other polishes, not on it’s own, as it’s clearly a top coat!

Over Cotton Candy:

Over Lingering Lingerie:

Over I <3 NY:

Over Perpetual Peony:

Over Midnight Amethyst:

Over Timeless Tangerine:

Gramercy Glitz looks great over the darker polishes! I also think it helps Cotton Candy, by masking some of the brush strokes! I wish I could have gotten better pics of these glitter shots – the sun was not cooperating the only day I had free this past weekend to swatch, and flash just drowned out most of the glitter’s color. I would click on the pics to enlarge and see the detail!

All of these swatches are two coats, and the glitter ones are one coat of glitter over the base color. I think my favorites of this bunch are Timeless Tangerine and I <3 NY – I was just really, really impressed with the cremes! I also really like the brush; it’s really just-right for my nail bed size. While I’ve adjusted to the wider brushes of OPI and Sally Hansen, I really like that this one is a tad less wide, but gives me an application requiring little to no clean-up.

As far as the company’s claims that these polishes help your nails grow, strengthen them and that the polish lasts for up to seven days, I can’t attest to this, as I didn’t do a wear test. As my regulars know, I pretty much change my polish every day! Wearing Timeless Tangerine for the day yesterday, however, I can tell you it stood up to typing and everyday activities pretty well with one tiny little chip on my left thumb and a chip on my right hand ring finger. Cooking, making a fresh salad and chopping veggies, and dishes, made both those chips worse and worsened my tip wear on other fingers.

Also – I don’t think the colors are anything ground-breaking, but I think the purpose is to provide a little trendy, a little classic, in a new formula. So with that in mind, NYC New York Color did a good job in offering colors that appeal to masses in order to draw them into trying the formula!

I’ve seen these polishes on display at Walgreens – they retail for $2.49 – and they should be available at chain drugstores and mass retailers across the U.S. now.

Have you seen these or picked any up? What do you think? Have you anything to say about the wear on these, if you’ve tried them?

Thanks for stopping by friends!

Disclaimer: The polishes in this post were sent to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer.

  • Lucy

    Reds always look so beautiful. I immediately want to buy them. The pinks I don’t care to much for. Kinda frosty. Nothing new but oh so shiny!

    • BeautyJudy

      I agree Lucy!!

  • shaimaa

    You are always coming with charming products this time the nail polishes like dream specially the red shade
    I really love your blog

    • BeautyJudy

      Aw, thank you!!

  • Ashley Tiernan

    Midnight Amethyst and Timeless Tangerine I want so bad but I can’t get in Ireland 🙁


    • BeautyJudy

      Aw, that stinks 🙁