“Dusty” Find: OPI Electric Eel

A couple months ago I went for a pedicure and picked up a couple older OPIs – I’d like to say I found them in the back of a dusty old salon, but the truth is, they were pretty clean and on display in a big stand-up glass case!

Electric Eel is one of those polishes I picked up. I tried Googling for some information but I can’t find what year this came out, although I think it was the Brights Collection.

Swatches! This one is the most color accurate pic I could get of this color:

Electric Eel has a bit of a pinkish duochrome flash!

I used three coats to make this close to opaque (there was a little bit of VNL).

I love the pearl of this color, and the pink flash! It’s a great green, perfect for a splash of color on a rainy spring day like today 🙂

Hope you’re all having a good weekend. My head is killing me, I’ve had a headache since last night. I don’t know whether to take Excederin Migraine or Claritan, cause my nose is a bit stuffed too. 🙁